Winning Teeling

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 Jack Teeling and Stephen Teeling toast five years of visitors to  Teeling Whiskey Distillery

Last month, we celebrated  the 5th anniversary of the opening of the Teeling Whiskey Distillery in The Liberties, Dublin 8  to  the public, with a dram good competition.

On offer was a Teeling Trinity Tasting Tour’ for 2 People AND a bottle of Teeling Small Batch to take home. We asked you to complete this rhyme.

There’s nothing like that feeling,

When you’re climbing the ceiling,

Sadly, in a controversial move, uncompromising Broadsheet laureate John Moynes ajudged all 49 entries as “terrible”.

Every single one of them.

Firmly obliged to choose a winner, John eventually conceded: “Adam’s entry is the least sh*t”.

To wit:

There’s nothing like that feeling,
When you’re climbing the ceiling,
I will arise and go now,
To the Lake Isle of Inishfree


Well done, Adam and thanks all.

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Teeling Whiskey

13 thoughts on “Winning Teeling

  1. d

    hahahahahaha. i love the broadsheet journalists. if you can call them journalists. A bit of a break from cliched xfactor – “quality was amazing, hardest decision had to make, but has to be a winner”.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Wasn’t an awful lot to work with to be fair.
    “There’s nothing like that feeling,
    When you’re climbing the ceiling,…

  3. scottser

    i will brook no criticism from a purveyor of the anapestic.
    there was a man from nantucket, indeed..

  4. Paulus

    On those occasions when Broadsheet enjoins
    Its adherents to gird up their loins
    And submit their creations,
    lets have less observations
    of a scurrilous kind from John Moynes.

  5. Slightly Bemused

    John, we shall remember this in future judgements on your limericks.


    Truth to tell, I got the impression people were trying to outdo each other in how bad they could be. It was refreshing.
    Almost as refreshing as a Teeling whiskey…

    And seriously, Congratulations, Adam. Do enjoy it. I was a lucky winner of a Teeling whiskey a year or so back, which was absolutely lovely. Or at least as much as my Dad actually let me have was lovely :-)

    Word of advice before you go to the tasting: clear your palate. Do not eat or drink anything really strong flavoured before. That way, all of your palate is ready for a thrill, rather than certain areas closed off while you recover from that chilli!

  6. Itchysays

    “…uncompromising Broadsheet laureate John Moynes ajudged all 49 entries as “terrible”

    I read that as a compliment so…a bit like Jason Byrne informing you that you’re not as funny as you thought !

    Congrats to Adam of course.

  7. Paulus

    Dear Sir,

    I wish to complain about omissions from the Universal Rating Scale, ( further up?):
    Missing are; 5 stars
    Yellow, Orange, Red.


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