Get Your Own Merc

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Minister for Foreign Affairs with his own vehicle arrives for a cabinet meeting at Government Buildings in May


Via Independent,ie:

Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney has been given clearance to keep his State car and Garda driver.

The minister was expected to lose his car and driver after he was demoted from the Tánaiste’s Office after the new Government was formed.

A government source said Mr Coveney argued the ministry involves significant cross-border travel…


17 July 2012: Cabinet notes the review that has been carried out, the substantial savings involved, and small changes to the scheme. Note it will still only apply to Taoiseach, Tánaiste, and Minister for Justice … not the Minister for Foreign Affairs


Documents here

Right To Know

Simon Coveney to keep Garda driver and State car (


9 thoughts on “Get Your Own Merc

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Coveney still wants his Tániste perks, Leo wants his Taoiseach perks… Who’s supposed to be in charge again?

  2. Denny

    There should be a fleet of 100 state cars like maybe Ford Focus

    Mercedes are too expensive

    With that 100 drivers max to ferry any minister to where they go

    The days of drivers paid to maybe work 20 hours a day are a luxury we cannot afford

  3. Paul

    Why can’t they just have basic mondeos or Skoda Octavias… why do they need these luxury German cars, especially now with us all about to go into recession… again…

    1. goldenbrown

      why high end luxury German motor excess?

      because Trough, Gravy, Entitlement

      that’s why

      stop asking questions, some people don’t like it

      1. Denny

        There a new one out with room for two
        It was on tv3 this morning no tax no licence and will recharge over night And better still the politician can have a few jars at an all ireland
        Top speed 30klm per hour
        Costs around 2grand and totally environmentally friendly

        The big advantage is the driver can steer and the pillion politician can sit on the back breathing in fresh air andd fumes

  4. Praetorian.

    When the renew the procurment with Huyndai for the Garda & Defence Force cars get a pool of i40s for Govt buildings…hire a list of retired Army/Garda drivers who already have security clearence…job done.
    Bang of entitlement off Coveney is palpable.

  5. Mary Brennan

    Isn’t it well for him picking and demanding what he wants .what about they kids and all young people in Ireland who have nothing to look forward to .Shame on them all and mi


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