Cast A Cold Eye

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Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2

The unveiling in 1967 of The WB Yeats Memorial featuring abstract artist Henry Moore‘s Standing Figure: Knife Edge‘ sculpture.


Via RTÉ News:

Conservation works to a long-overlooked part of St Stephen’s Green in Dublin are nearing completion.

The €300,000 project on the WB Yeats Memorial began last November.

Commissioned and managed by the Office of Public Works, the project has taken in the conservation of Henry Moore’s iconic ‘Knife Edge’ sculpture, as well as the restoration of surrounding paths, steps and terraces.

“The whole plaza was overgrown and the sculpture was very much hidden. So you couldn’t really see that there was even a Henry Moore in this part of the park. A lot of people never knew it was here,” said conservator Jason Ellis (top).

‘Hidden gem’ restored in Dublin’s St Stephen’s Green (RTÉ)

10 thoughts on “Cast A Cold Eye

  1. Richie

    Would it not have been a golden colour when it was made if it was made from bronze? I understand that it turns green as it oxidizes, at the unveiling I would have though it would have been golden…

    1. seanydelight

      I used to eat luch beside this all the time – its not improved. A power washer would have done as good a job.

      300k…. love to know how the contract was awarded and to who.

      1. Denny

        Some well connected piece of scum who seems to emerge from under a rock when these contracts are thought up

  2. jamesjoist

    Many times man lives and dies
    Between his two eternities,
    That of race and that of soul ,
    And ancient Ireland knew it all .
    Whether man dies in his bed
    Or the rifle knocks him dead ,
    A brief parting from those dear
    Is the worst a man has to fear .
    Though grave-diggers’ toil is long ,
    Sharp their spades , their muscles strong,
    They but thrust their buried men
    Back in the human mind again .
    from ‘Under Ben Bulben’ W B Yeats

  3. Jimothy

    I knew there was something weirdly familiar about this statue the first time I saw it, a while later I realised while watching “The Breakfast Club” there is an almost identical Henry Moore sculpture in the background of the library where the Saturday detention is being held. Fun fact


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