Staying In Tonight?


Course you are.

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6 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

  1. Garden_Weed

    Minister for Children Roderic O’Gorman is an elected official and people have the right to question him on his personal views about his inadequate weak statement. Derek O’Donohue is correct.

    Was that a dodge by Vanessa to Derek’s question at 37:50, as our lovely Vanessa understood (hypothetically) it was a tweeted photo of Peter Tatchell with the RC bishop – and the bishop praising Tatchell.

  2. Garden_Weed

    Historian Derek O’Donoghue did not get an adequate opportunity to put his views forward and those views were discounted on first voicing the subject by Vanessa. It would be prudent of Broadsheet to allow for open discussion on this important issue. Very few venues allow such opportunities afforded by Broadsheet to members of the public and I feel Derek O’Donoghue was voicing the concerns of many parents, not aligned politically and who are deeply concerned with the dissemination of Peter Tatchell’s views.

    We need to know that Minister Roderic O’Gorman does not share similar views to Peter Tachell on having sex with minors – “joyful” experiences with adults, nor would he condone those views published by Tatchell; and that he repudiates the normalisation of paedophilia. He is, after all, Minister for Children.

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