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Controversial, silver-tongued alt-right podcast ‘philosopher’ Stefan Molyneux.

From Westmeath!?

Nick Moran writes:

Drinks with Paddy Moran apparently, in The Shack…..

Stefan Molyneux (Wikpedia)

22 thoughts on “Althlone

  1. Rob_G

    Not really relevant to anything, but I think that ‘Molyneux’ really is the most beautiful, lyrical surname.

  2. Gabby

    Why is this short news item published here? Is it because of the Athlone connection? Are we meant to avoid this man and his utterances? Is Danny Healy-Rae a safer bet?

      1. JEH

        I’d be inclined to say that if he were born in Athlone his citizenship would also say Irish, not just Canadian? It’s hardly like someone is born in Athlone on a layover.

  3. Bob

    Lets not lump him in with all of Westmeath.
    This is an Athlone man.
    No monsters like that come out of the capital of the county.

  4. Vanessanelle

    Who is he?

    Well I can see there what he is
    Which will explain why he hasn’t appeared in my feeds

    But still
    Why do we give a :::k

    Are we supposed to take an interest in any Irish Canadian/ ‘Merican ?

  5. Janet, dreams of big guns

    he looks like every fake profile god pushing gun slinging bill*x who tries to friend you on social media all the time


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