Dallas Does Dublin


This morning/afternoon.

Barry Whyte writes:

A Dallas flight [middle pic] was scheduled at 7:35am in Dublin Airport this morning. On Tuesday , Texas set a US state record with 10,000 new COVID-19 cases. Of the 23 new cases confirmed today here, 15 were travel related. American Airlines have confirmed that from today there’ll be three weekly flights from Dallas – Dublin (see above)…


Pic: American Airlines

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21 thoughts on “Dallas Does Dublin

    1. Denny

      Bring it On We can take it in the new safe corridors

      Just as well it’s not bubonic plaque as we hear has raised its ugly head in China

      Beware of postural s popping at high altitude

      Total insanity

    2. Denny

      I wonder can the government be called to book and sued if any one catches covid from one of these passengers or our businesses sue government for ruination due to covid 19 being imported because they refused to stop importation of disease from countries outside ireland

      Let’s face it by the HSEs incompetence re smear tests the taxpayer was called to cough up

      Why not over this

      I wonder can people sue Ryan air for carrying the virus into Ireland
      On it’s flights from Milan or Lombardy In the days before the pandemic occurred

  1. missred

    I was livid hearing an interview from those US passengers this morning – they were so blasé about their health and others’. Saying it’s overblown and not a big deal etc. These are just the types who don’t care about spreading infections and so probably will

    1. Paulus

      The bit where they said; “Lets make America great again” must have been edited out?

      1. Johnny

        …oh its juts a modern version of the The Mariel boatlift,free flights and a grand spending money offers to Dublin all over the south and south east states…….

  2. perricrisp

    This is an absolute disgrace.
    How is this not being stopped by government.
    Looks like everyone’s efforts were for nought.

  3. Dr.Fart

    ah Ireland’s propensity to offer itself to americans at any cost. our unbridled desire to hand them everything we have for nothing, as long as time itself.

  4. dav

    pat kenny had great fun today with a roving reporter interviewing tourists from florida coughing their way through Dublin airport..

  5. Bruncvik

    I was heavily criticized on another forum when I said that I’d feel safer traveling to a country that blocked tourists from high-risk countries, than to share an Irish hotel with American tourists. Time will tell whether we’ll get some new hotspots in the country, around popular tourist destinations…

  6. Gabby

    Passengers from Texas can improvise face masks from ten-gallon hats with holes slit in them for eyes, nose and mouth.

  7. Mary Brennan

    Blame the government not they Americans .minsters in their gated big houses far away from covid who cares about you and me ,sure lock up over 70s ,at least Simon tried .

  8. JEH

    What happened to the ban on Americans entering Europe? Do they mean Americans are banned from Schengen only? This is insane.

  9. Truth in the News

    The Irish Aviation Authority have details of all flights that landed here since the initial
    start of the virus, and every day there have been Trans Atlantic landings and in particular
    Aer Lingus flights from Boston and New York, how come none of the media trotted
    out to Dublin Airports to see them landing at the time the National Lockdown was
    in force, Ryain Air have also records on who came in on their aircraft from affected
    regions in Europe. ..Micheal Martin might well open up Spike Island as a quarantine

    1. JEH

      Not disagreeing with any of that, just saying that there wasn’t a formal ban on Americans entering the EU as there currently is. The American ban on Europeans entering the US is still in effect as well.

      I cannot imagine there are enough permanent residents of Ireland fleeing Dallas to make these flights worthwhile.

      1. Johnny

        …i heard there’s bus loads poor sick ill educated trump supporters inline for flights to Ireland…as you wont wear masks like them,they want be free,free to spread their germs…

  10. Aoife

    On a similar topic, why are people still being allowed onto buses in Dublin Bus even though they aren’t wearing masks and masks are supposedly mandatory. I have not seen any driver make the slightest attempt to refuse entry. Meanwhile those of us wearing masks protect those who don’t bother, while we have to run greater risk. What does ‘mandatory’ mean in Ireland? Does it mean, do this if you are bothered? Drivers routinely make passengers leave for smoking but not for refusing to wear a mask. Why is this? Why is the Irish state incapable of enforcing its own regulations? Even sometimes! For me, it’s the sheer lack of any effort that is so frustrating, disappointing and worrying.

    1. steve white

      I’d tell them not to risk spreading a a deadly disease and stay in their own homes.

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