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  1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    I look forward to all those complaining about the Storey funeral in Belfast making the same noise about the Vera Lynn funeral.

    1. Charger Salmons

      I must have missed the Prime Minister, senior members of the UK government and the motley collection of knuckle-dragging killers attending Vera Lyn ‘s private funeral for her close family.

        1. Ghost of Yep

          See that wall your smacking your head against Joe?

          It wasn’t always red. We’ve all been there. Save yourself the trouble.

          1. Joe F

            I’m just doing it for the fun Ghost of Yep. I know he won’t reply, it’s just any time e writes is rubbish about Boris or the Tories, e can expect a response from me! I won’t get tired of it, just having a laugh with the old boy.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Her family didn’t want them there. They did want members of the forces/spitfires. Can’t blame them not wanting the likes of Johnson there mind you.

        1. Charger Salmons

          Utter rubbish.
          I would have thought a woman like you would have had a bit more respect than making up lies about the funeral of this great lady.

    2. Your Home Correspondent

      Unlikely to be heard. Them Rolls Royce Merlins are quite the orchestra.


    3. harrold

      Vera Lynn was a famous singer darling of those fighting Hitler
      The story funeral, was a terrorist funeral

      One sang the other murdered

    1. goldenbrown

      it’s shocking stuff but was expected, no? we’re truly in mob-boss territory now

      c’mere you’re in NYC aren’t ya? what’s this I’m hearing about a covid plague of rats (some the size of a small child) who’ve taken over the streets and derailed the return of restaurants and bars…more rats than people…is it as bad as they’re making out?

      1. Johnny

        -on my block in Fort Green they are pretty big,I was on my stoop other evening having nice evening joint and a cup tea and the lady opposite lifted her garage can lid and a pretty decent sized rat jump out-i almost fainted…thats my nightmare.

        Roger-you’d have feel sorry almost for Barr thrashing his and his departments rep when this was a done deal long time ago-Stone has the dirt, he told Trump about wiki and coordinated the leaks with him and Assange- the truth will all come out after Nov-Roger can be charged then and he will be-poor Mansford must have nothing…

        I’m pretty much out city until Labor Day,like most people at the beach but the big issue is the schools and colleges now in NY which are not reopening or partially and yes the monster rats:)

        Im in the minority who believes Jack set Irish soccer back years, who with any skills would want have wanted played that game it was donkey ball-he encouraged and allowed the players and entourage to behave like bunch paddy amateurs which they all are and were,our soccer skills (we don’t have any) have been vastly overrated ever since,we just are not not very good at it,its not complicated stop wasting resources keep it local, small time and amateur which in fact it really is.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Masks compulsory from monday on public transport- wouldn’t want our US visitors catching anything now.

    1. ReproBertie

      Since they’ll be required to wear masks too it’ll stop them spreading anything as well as protect them from catching anything.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    And the Tracker Mortgage scandal goes on and on and on. Any resignations yet? Anyone fired? – on the other hand, did anyone lose their house? Did anyone end up with a bad credit rating? Did any marriages end? Or worse?
    Maybe Boy Hayes can try spin a few lies?

  4. bertie blenkinsop

    R.I.P. Jack Charlton, you made us happy and proud, thanks for the memories.

  5. Johnny

    …ok, ok I know the pool is ordered but was wondering if perhaps a boat based movie theatre while they still at the planning stage…why cant Dublin have nice things …:)
    “To celebrate the event, and the recent reopening of movie theaters in France after being closed due to the coronavirus, cinema chain Mk2 collaborated with Häagen-Dazs to create “Cinéma sur l’Eau” (cinema on the water).”

  6. Vanessanelle

    To anyone from the ‘xaminer

    …Leading Mortgage Broker and Debt Adviser… there in the Arrears Crisis Looming etc…

    1. a Mortgage Broker gets paid commission from the Lender for each Loan sold . This is FEE INFLUENCE, and the most likely and common Conflict of Interest
    under the hat of the latter function – Debt Adviser – Conflict of Interest is present, as the Lender – is now potentially and highly probably the Creditor in your Client/ Debtor engagement. An impossible situation to prove independence when Fee Influence is present from a repeat source of revenue to your business.

    There is no repeat work from a Debtor client. Maybe a referral

    Its not my function to assess how Michael Dowling manages that risk within his business

    However it is yours, particularly a Business Editor, to flag that Conflict with readers, especially as it is being used as a source, of sorts, for Expert Opinion.

    And to practice what I preach
    I know Micheal very well, both though my own job as a Licenced PIP and in whole time Insolvency, Home Arrears, & Bankruptcy Practice
    And in my Credit Union activities
    In fact we’d be reasonably good ‘work’ pals, enough for me to ask him every time we meet what hat he is wearing, his Mortgage Broker (hes ex President of their whatever association) his PIP Debt Adviser Hat, or his Credit Union Movement Hat.

    Don’t take it personally there in the Business affairs unit, RTE do it all the time, one day Michael Dowling is repping the Mortgage Brokers, the next day hes being introduced a Home Arrears & Insolvency Expert.

    Funny that they never have him talk about the Credit Unions…………. or is it

  7. Politico

    Miriam Lord mentions the whole Cowen/Byrne affair in her column. So it has (finally) been mentioned by “MSM”

    1. Papi

      You live in New York? Whaaat? Next you’ll be telling us you’ve tried marijuana or something.

  8. SOQ

    I picked this up from someone in the UK but it is a valid point.

    “It’s been over two weeks (24th June) since a ‘major incident’ was declared on Bournemouth beach due to the amount of people there sunbathing. It’s been almost four weeks since BLM marches took place all over the country. All lacked social distancing and mask wearing and yet the covid death toll continues to fall.”

    I get the strong impression that there is more to this thing than we are being told or, that is understood. It seems to travel through a country mainly affecting those over 65. And when you look at the national fatality numbers of those over 65- lock down, social distancing, masks etc- make very little if any difference.

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