Reopening of Phoenix Park perimeter gates (

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  1. Cian

    Why would there be a consultation?
    They were closed because of the risks with COVID. Those risks have lessened – so the default is to reopen.

    If you want to close the gates for another reason – then you need to have a consultation to close them.

  2. d

    although i think they should be closed, i agree with Cian above, should be consultation to discuss whether to close. though i cant see them closing. i note some open top tour buses going through them, and some vested interest. Plus with FF &FG who rely on the grey vote in government, i cant see them being closed.

    Pity, would love if they pedestrianised the whole of the phoenix park. though agree for older people and those going to the zoo, garda headquarters,, this wouldnt be feasible,

  3. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    There is a very strong tide of opinion in communities neighboring the Park that the closure was an extremely positive move.
    The OPW opening the gates denies the new commuting patterns that may have emerged. People are never more willing to change the way they live, than at the current moment.
    Simple fact is that Conor Faughnan lobbied them best.

      1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

        Answer: money & advancement.
        It aids his debate if he can point to his being a cyclist. An he does. All the time.


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