34 thoughts on “The Tao Of Kanye West

  1. Clampers Outside

    Bipolar disorder on the upswing.

    I’ll never forget the day a friend came to my flat on the afternoon of my birthday… and he then proceeded to tell me why he was Jesus Christ….
    I’d known him about fifteen years but hadn’t seen him much for the last five as we lived in different parts of the country.
    I rang his Mum after he left, aong and tough phone call that. His Mum was very upset. I learned that he’d had the condition diagnosed as a teen. I never knew… until that day, after he’d been off the meds for a number of weeks.

    These may be funny memes, I sure Lol’d, but it’s not a funny condition.

    Mind yourself Mr West.

    1. Jim

      Sad that the price of his artistic genius is being stuck with such a condition. I came to his music late – a lot of it during lockdown – and he has provided me with great aural joy.

      1. scottser

        i don’t really know much of his music so i clicked on the first one that came up on youtube – stronger. background chords of Am, C, G, F – the same as a gazillion songs before it. the vocal is not particularly special either, the only striking thing about it is the enourmous ego but again, not unusual for any hip-hop inspired music.
        it really is nothing you haven’t heard before.

        i feel a nick’s tix competition coming on..

        1. Johnny

          -his production skills pay the bills, he dropped back to back 5 incredible albums two years ago, one after another,unbelivable he really is a genius,insanely talented.
          King Push -Pusha T,Kids See Ghost project with Kid Cudi,Nas ,Teyana Taylor…
          your on East coast your on West coast at one time all you heard was Kayne everywhere


          1. Clampers Outside

            He is a super producer, but even Kanye gets in the ultimate producer… Rick Rubin :)

          2. Johnny

            Fair point Clamp-i also really really like his kicks and clothing line,i just tune out the rest the stuff and focus on his amazing music and clothing.

          3. scottser

            that sounds more like a well-greased marketing and promotion team more than any real musical talent. he may be a genius but he’s no musician.

          4. Johnny

            I think it’s hard be a pure ‘musican’ these days same for ‘artists’ in other areas,ive some friends who went art colleges and actually they have more hustle and side projects in different mediums, collabs going on that me with the weed.
            He’s by far one the most influencial,talented and controversial artists of his era/ generation or right now, but he’s not running for president he’s promoting his new album.

          5. Johnny

            You like your music scottser this is what will be blasting all weekend on the playgrounds, ball courts,rooftops,patios and BBQ’s in the hoods and uptown all weekend in NY/LA-murderous beats the sound on the streets-they still making great music:)
            “Eminem and Kid Cudi Unload on Drew Brees, George Floyd’s Murder and More In ‘Adventures of Moon Man & Slim Shady’: Stream It Now”
            -came out at midnight.

  2. paul

    considering the people that surround him, I doubt he’ll get the help he needs as long as they can pump him for publicity.

      1. scottser

        it does beg the question why in a nation of 300-odd million they can’t find one candidate who represents the ideals of the nation, unless of course those ideals are celebrity, power, ego and greed.

  3. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

    I don’t know much of his music but I thought he was malojen when he headlined Glastonbury.

    1. Paulus

      …was cat malojen when I was kid.
      And of course there’s always woejus.
      Ufásach…as Bosco used to say!

  4. Orla

    Just put more mirrors on the stage when live Kanye or maybe just look at the big screen.
    He is a perfect for for big politics with this level of delusional narcissism.

    Looks like the criminal money laundering mafia that got trump in are hedging their bets with an additional candidate in Kanye, contemporary pop culture is a cerebral poison.

  5. Scundered

    Just imagine, the Kardashians will have access to nuclear weapons.

    2020 hasn’t finished with us yet


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