In fairness.


So, you went for the Dell.

*sucks teeth*

Your work view to titled ‘My Work View’.

8 thoughts on “The View

  1. GiggidyGoo

    No doubt Leo will avail of the €15 per week (?) tax break for working from home.
    There doesn’t look to be too much room there for his aide.

  2. paul

    Maybe gobdaws like Zappone et al can be refused the travel grant if they are allowed to be bad at their job from home.

    Standard issue webcam and run of the mill (but still functional) laptop issued to all td’s, don’t let them buy their own and claim it from the taxpayer.

    1. Mick

      You do realise she;s not a TD anymore, right? She can’t claim “the travel grant” (whatever that is) if she’s not a TD.

      1. paul

        that’s why I said ‘like Zappone’. There are other TD’s (and ex-TD’s) who have made spurious travel expense claims, so hopefully a ‘working from home’ model will do away with this.

        1. Rob_G

          Not that I disagree with the substance of your point, but TDs’ travel expenses aren’t just for travel to and from the Dáil; it also covers their travel for constituency work (TDs in places like Donegal would have to drive around a fair bit up there).

          1. paul

            and in those circumstances I would defend the use of the travel allowances. For example, while I wouldn’t be particularly fond of the Healy Rae’s, I would be 100% behind them using the travel allowances both for the distance they must travel to be present at the Dáil and also around their constituency.

            Behind every benefit and allowance there is a core idea and I believe that when travel expenses were introduced, it was for politicians from outside of Dublin to use it to be present for the benefit of the state not for people to re-calculate their commute to take in a few wrong turns so they get more money in their pocket. This ‘working from home’ model comes with many positives, the culling of this crap being one of them.

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