Seapoint, County Dublin.

Early ‘budgie smugglers’ (top left).

11 thoughts on “Vanishing Point

  1. Bill Kavanagh

    The French weren’t coming to invade us, they were on their way to help us drive out the invader. Anyone nearby got a history book you could borrow and maybe colour in too after you’ve read it?

    1. Lush

      Yes, but the Irish didn’t build them, the British did.
      To repel an invasion by a hostile third party.

    2. Rob_G

      From the perspective of the people who built them, they were built “to repel a threatened French invasion”, exactly like he said.

      Do you want me to pick you up some markers on the way home from the shop while I’m at it?

        1. Rob_G

          No, i would not like to claim credit for this fine colorisation; i just found that Bill’s rather rude response based on his own very reductive reading of history stuck in my craw.


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