This morning.

The Andrew Marr Show on BBC1.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin appeared live from Dublin to discuss British tourists, Brexit and  Boris Johnson (@26.59)…

Andrew Marr: “Let me ask you about your relationship, you mentioned Boris Johnson.You weren’t terribly complimentary about him at the McGill Summer School about this time last year. You said:

Anyone in Dublin who met Boris Johnson during his time as Foreign Secretary will tell you the many ways in which he failed to show the slightest level of understanding about the operations of the Good Friday Agreement. don’t think anyone can credibly say he has thought through how he can promote property and reconciliation in Northern Ireland.’

Have you had second thoughts?”

Martin: “Well, I was very heartened by our discussions in terms of trying to reset the Irish-British relationship post-Brexit, which I think the Prime Minister is keen on doing and I was particularly taken by that and we are both committed to the necessity of doing that in a post-Brexit scenario.

From our perspective, from an Irish perspective the entire peace process on the island of Ireland was based on the relationship between Britain and Ireland and then the relationship north and south and between the two traditions in Northern Ireland. So central to all of this is a very strong proactive relationship between our two countries.”

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19 thoughts on “Marred

          1. harrold

            MM is beginning to look more and more like Hans Moleman every day from the Simpsons

            He really is my favourite Simpson character

            Some say he is more like Mr burns

            Time will tell

  1. SOQ

    I absolutely hate that harp bridge- I would bomb it if I could.

    Even on a Friday afternoon you can sit on it for over an hour because it cannot take a normal traffic load- and then the students and tech crew around Pearse Street are bleating on about pollution why?

    Dear God- just please join the dots.

  2. Fairhill

    Looked like a rabbit in the headlights, said nothing answered nothing. BoJo will eat him for breakfast over bee it, good luck trying to integrate the North by stealth, he is more clueless in real life

  3. Steph Pinker

    … leaving aside the more important political aspects of Marr’s questions – which were weak and he clearly had no interest in anyway – Micheál still managed to do a Leo on it and shoe-horn a personal aspect of his own life in to a reply about Jack Charlton, i’d say Terry Prone is chuffed.

  4. Joxer

    typo? shouldn’t it be prosperity?

    he has thought through how he can promote property and reconciliation in Northern Ireland.’

    my daughter calls him Gollum….


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