Barry Cowen, Minister for Agriculture and the Marine

This morning.

Barry Cowen disputing claims in The Sunday Times he was pursued by gardai after doing a U-turn before a checkpoint on the night in 2016 he was caught drink driving.

The Minister for Agriculture and the Marine alleges the arrest record leaked to the paper is incorrect.

Barry Cowen disputes garda account of driving offence (John Mooney, Sunday Times)


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26 thoughts on “No Turning Back

  1. OK Fred

    Why is this News?
    It happens all the time.
    We should be used to it by now.

    Take out your phones…
    Assume your correct position…
    Text, text, text…

    Everything is going to be fixed.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    The word ‘incorrect record’ used multiple times.
    If he hasn’t seen the record then how does he know that a record exists which mentions the U-turn?
    In other words, the garda record would have been written up at the time of the incident. But, he paid a fixed penalty charge and didn’t have to go to court, so there wouldn’t have been a case in court where details of the record would have come out.
    His beef seems to be more with Data Protection.

    1. harrold

      So if this is serious
      Why did the gardai issue a fixed penalty notice?
      Driving with drink also driving on a licence permit unaccompanied

      Maybe the garda concerned needs to be under investigation

      Maybe also the garda concerned needs to be identified and made to explain the whole situation

      I think this is being used to damage flannel fail by certain individuals

      Sure they did a hatchet job on his brother who apparently is pretty unwell
      Some say he might just not walk again

      God love the Cowan family and best wishes

      1. Itchysays

        Seriously ?
        Take a running jump.

        Obviously I would have used the term d*ckhead but…you know yourself…you have to be protected from such nastiness etc.

      2. Gerry

        Screw the Cowan family all day every day, and twice on Sunday: the worst of Irish politics — inept, arrogant, ignorant, dynastic, etc. etc.

        I’m glad the brother is sick, I had a business that was going great in 2008, died 2009 — providing services to offices — Cowan bro knackered the country and then had a few months to celebrate being the first BIFFO Taoiseach

        I what way have the Cowans done the state a scintilla of service?

  3. Jonner

    this lad is a shnake with zero credibility.

    not being charged for attempting to evade gardai is different from not attempting to evade gardai.
    while he was not charged, it seems likely he tried to evade.

  4. perricrisp

    I wonder did he inform his insurance company at the time, regarding his drink driving ban.
    He must have been paying a king’s ransom for insurance if he did.
    Needs to stop digging at this stage,only delaying the inevitable.

    1. Jonner

      is it known whether he blew in the bag at the roadside or if he employd delay tactics by insisting on a medic being present for a proper test at the station?

    1. Cú Chulainn

      At, it’s yourself Ma Cowan..!!! I’m afraid to tell you that he did do wrong. He did a lot wrong. He’s gone and so is Byrne. But, you’re a Fianna Fail family, you know he’s gone.. but not for long..

  5. OK Fred

    Aw Dav…

    C’mon mate… think!

    It’s not important, at all.
    Lots of other things are happening.

    Stop complying with the construction of distractions.
    People are dying. Just because it’s not as many as yesterday, they’re still people..

  6. TheFerg

    Naive Question of the Day – before a Taoiseach appoints a minister would there not be a “skeltons in the closet” chat?
    Like, do FFG not have a a Malcolm Tucker character to give even a light grillin’?
    Betcha €10 the Shinners have this down at the national level, (aware that they dropped the ball at the council level in Dublin).

      1. OK Fred

        …you make it sound like a genii coming out of a gravy boat.
        You deserve an applause.

        Did you make that up yourself or is it the new party line?

  7. Matt Pilates

    Leave it out.. Cowen’s trying his best.

    He’s starting a new learner driver course with Jim McDaid on Monday.

    A man deserves a chance to go to the other side of the road.

  8. George

    He must have committed thousands of offences. Driving on motorways on a provisional without a licensed driver in the car and without L plates until he was 49.

    1. TheFerg

      Let’s not speculate, not really fair – there’s enough on the record on this fella already anyway.

      Have some of us strayed? Yup, I have, but not since my early twenties, (now pushing 40).

      I know there’s a huge anti-Leo army here but I can’t wait until he takes the reins again.

      Cue: Shinners….

  9. Truth in the News

    When did Barry Cowan initiate steps to have record corrected and when did he become
    aware that such a record was on file, has he only become aware of the matter since
    the issue of driving offense surfaced in the media, the credibility of a lot of people and
    State Institutions are now under scrutiny, as if an official police record has now to be
    amended, surely we are now all entitled to see what the Guards record on us all, and
    if its untrue have deleted or corrected, Barry Cowan has inadvertently opened Pandora’s

  10. Steve White

    If you try to evade a checkpoint what offence would you be charged with? I tried to find any example and can only find mention that those that try to evade are charged with drink driving if they are found to be over the limit.

    1. Cian

      Possibly the Road Traffic Act? If he was requested to stop and didn’t…

      Obligation to Stop
      109.—(1) A person driving a vehicle in a public place shall stop the vehicle on being so required by a member of the Garda Síochána and shall keep it stationary for such period as is reasonably necessary in order to enable such member to discharge his duties.

      (2) A person who contravenes subsection (1) of this section shall be guilty of an offence.


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