Arrival Or Departure?


Technology that helps identify passengers with the ‘rona.

At Abu Dhabi International Airport in the human rights-friendly capital of the United Arab Emirates,

What could go wrong?

Thanks Jack Jones

7 thoughts on “Arrival Or Departure?

  1. Hector Rameriz

    It asks ‘have you a cough’ I’m no international man of mystery but I’m sure if you say no, you’ll be allowed on your way.

  2. Joe cool

    You just know if they had them in Dublin Airport they be leased from a he who can’t be nameds company!

  3. Ragamuffin

    Apparently heart rate can be calculated by video now. Here’s a research paper from 2017:

    “researchers found that contactless pulse rate measurement can be exploited by detecting the variation of absorbed/reflected light from the skin surface. The induced color difference is caused by the hemoglobin in blood absorbing different amounts of light in reciprocity with the heartbeat. Such subtle changes can be identified with an ordinary, general-used camera under normal fluorescent illumination ”,in%20reciprocity%20with%20the%20heartbeat.

  4. harrold

    You would get a great copy of finger prints on this from the coming and goings of Ireland drug lords

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