Innocence And Experience

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Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

Protestors , including members of several right-wing groups including the National Party, Renua and the Irexit Party, protesting at the Dáil under the banner ‘Protecting the Innocent – Punish the Guilty’, which refers to the sexual abuse of children.


A counter demonstration begins and ends rapidly.


Actor John Connors addresses the crowd. Part 2 here.


47 thoughts on “Innocence And Experience

    1. The Dude

      And so this is where Renua Ireland has ended up.

      But where is Lucinda Creighton – and what does she think of what’s become of her creation?

      Ms. Creighton often pops up on Dublin media to comment on various matters – and continues to be a ‘public personality’ despite the demise of her political career, with a column also in a Sunday newspaper.

      Yet seemingly not a peep! Why the silence by Ms. Creighton?

      Only last year Renua was able to suck €250,000 from Irish taxpayers – having got €366,000 the year before.

      Not bad for a party that has no elected representatives.

      No state funded political party has ever gone on to get involved in street fracas. That changed yesterday.

      Ironically, Renua was originally started up purportedly to cut state waste.

      Lucinda Creighton’s twitter account yesterday made reference to ‘amazing weather’ in Connemara.

      Why is the Dublin media not asking her about the involvement of her costly creation in these ugly scenes?

      Given the party she started appears to be now getting embroiled in street fracas, the apparent silence by Ms. Creighton it is remarkable.

      1. Rob_G

        If Lucinda Creighton is no longer associated with the party, and hasn’t been for several years, I’m not that surprised she no longer feels inclined to comment on every action they take (particularly when they pull craic like this).

  1. SOQ

    So this was because of the very weak link between Roderic O’Gorman and Peter Tatchell apparently, a single bloody picture- organised by Herman Kelly of the Irish Freedom Party I assume?

    If they want to go after Tatchell then that is fine but this was and is a very cynical attempt to play on people’s base emotions- even the slogan ‘anti paedophile’- as opposed to what? Pro paedophile? Platitudes on a variation of ‘won’t someone think of the children’- bit of the old anti abortion and something about 14 year old girls being encouraged to get double mastectomies.

    I had time for what Dolores Cahill was saying about CoVid but absolutely none for this homophobic nonsense- and make no mistake, that is exactly what it is.

    And as for the other crowd- what were they even doing there?

    1. Junkface

      The whole thing was confusing, but yeah I would agree your description of the intentions of the flag waving crowd mentioned. Glad to see the Gards there quickly enough. The opposition protest was shut down so quickly that its funny, they looked like clueless Antifa wannabees. Ireland is now importing American BS street politics.

    2. Vanessanelle

      For the first time in a long time Same ‘oh
      I agree with you

      It is profoundly homophobic
      And the efforts ‘they’re ‘makeing to turn a selfie into “links with”
      Have gone beyond honest and decent defence of their views

      Nothing less that devious, cynical dirty tricks
      That would put the RUC circa 1983 to shame

      The National Party – who promote capital punishment btw
      Are mere window dressing here, fairground barkers – the real evil is organised, well funded, disciplined (disciplined enough not to ever be seen with any of this crowd) and motivated

      Motivated to ensure that Minister O’Gorman is left shattered and wingless, and be about as capable and useful as his predecessor, Zappone
      Who they had completely in their pocket.

      There is a war going in
      They’ve already enlisted and groomed a number eFFers

      We haven’t seen the worst of it

      For the record – cause I know who they are, and am well aware who circulated parsed comments of mine over the weekend just gone

      Nice try folks
      In fact ye actually did me a favour

      1. SOQ

        Pick a righteous slogan or sentiment which nobody can argue with and use it as a Trojan horse to advance an unpalatable agenda which if out in the open, the public would just not buy.

        And, as there is no real demands, it can run indefinitely while claiming a twisted kind of moral superiority which will resonate with conservatives and especially, parents of young children.

        1. Vanessanelle

          They can hardly claim moral superiority
          Twisted or otherwise

          In fact only last week
          Newsjustin inserted PTs words into a tweet from the Minister
          Now that’s perverted

          And if the tribes there over the weekend had any truth to their agenda
          Tis up on the Drumcondra Road that protest should have rumbled
          Or better again – a full sit it/ sleep over occupation in The Columba Centre in Maynooth

          Watch yerselves lads
          For Desperately Seeking Make Ireland Holy Again ‘ers
          phone credit is the new Eucharist

          1. SOQ

            Well whether they can claim moral superiority or not, you can be certain they will try and present it as such. For the first part of my adult life I heard nothing but association between pedophilia and homosexuality- I never expected it to raise its ugly head again.

            Although I do find it to be a very strange type of nationalism which is so upset with something a dead man in another country is alleged to have said. JP’s amateur psychobabble in front of Dáil Éireann was more than a little bizarre.

  2. broadbag

    Trying to drown out a group holding a peaceful rally isn’t very anti facist…it’s sort of facistic, no? Then again grabbing the banner and getting violent isn’t great either.

  3. fluffybiscuits

    When one lies down with right wing gemma one will wake up with fascists

    Jon Connors claims to be mates with convicted rapist Mike Tyson…what a muddled affair

    1. ReproBertie

      Wasn’t that ex-British Army, right wing twitter fella, who was photographed with a UKIP MEP candidate who said it was OK to rape young boys, in attendance?

  4. Formerly known as

    I have noticed the increasing number of right wing comments on various Irish forums, in recent months. I used to think Irish people were smarter than the people that follow populists like Trump and Bozo. Now, I can see that we are not better, just late to the party.

    1. Junkface

      Internet comment sections are never an accurate reflection of the thoughts of most Irish people, they are a very small percentage. Same goes for Twitter

      1. Vanessanelle


        We saw this during the Repeal referendum
        How many times in the run up did you come across predictions that it was going to be very close

        Just see the comments here at the time directed at Frilly rip for calling it 67:33 weeks out
        a mirror of the ’83 result
        If memory serves

      2. scottser

        i had a foul night’s sleep – you should read the guff i’m spewing over the internet this morning. i wouldn’ be taking the internet too seriously; it’s only a sounding board for the stuff you can’t say to real people.

          1. scottser

            thanks for that papi – i’m off to the daily mail comments section to post pictures of my genitals now.

  5. Do I need a username?

    A smattering of violent thugs, their prematurely-aged molls and a few dysfunctional and underemployed incels, who think a pot-bellied camp goblin, Farage’s 50-something childless ex-lap dog and a newly recruited addled and angry man desperate for attention, are going to be their saviours & fix all that ails them, well….it won’t end well.

    Still, the nooses were a lovely touch – they speak to a mob who are angry but they don’t really know why…

  6. scottser

    muscley bloke in the grey track suit and black baseball cap got away with aggravated assault in front of the gardai there. have to say, this wearing facemasks is a bit of a boon for those who don’t wish to be identified for whatever reason. now where did i put my balaclava?

  7. Do I need a username?

    When I see the “National” Party’s tiny leader Justin, a camp pot-bellied goblin, I am reminded of the words of Karl Lagerfeld: “The worst is ugly short men. Women can be short but for men it is impossible. It is something that some of them cannot forgive in themselves in life – to be born short. I have never been friends with a short man in my life. Don’t trust them; they are mean and full of rage and they want to kill you”.


  8. SOQ

    The only thing which surprised me about that event was that there were no representatives from the Islamic community speaking.

  9. Gay Fawkes

    John Connors should look at the child abuse and neglect that’s rife in the violence-obsessed Traveller community. And no, it’s not settled society’s fault. It’s the fault of your warped ‘culture’ that’s stuck in the Dark Ages. Why would you be proud to be a Traveller? What is there to be proud of? Why is it that in clear cases of neglect and abuse that Traveller children are not protected by the State from their families. That’s the question John Connors should be asking. It’s because they play the ethnicity card and get away with bloody murder.


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