Not All Heroes Wear Capes

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Uncle Tony.

He worked both ends of the munchies experience.


Director of Keogh’s crisps company charged over cannabis find worth nearly €20,000 (The Irish Sun)


No coincidences with Uncle Tone.

50 thoughts on “Not All Heroes Wear Capes

  1. Johnny

    The Pete Townsend excuse – Ireland made no ‘moves’ to legalize cannabis NONE at all-thats not research thats for personal consumption,I find it kinda disgusting to be appropriating the pain and suffering of medical cannabis patients.
    Don’t do the crime if you cant..
    But leave sick and suffering patients out it.

        1. Johnny

          …oh stop it you haven’t lived if you had not started a few your days with the modern Hunter Thompson breakfast-some cut oxy’s with your coke…thats what I assumed was in JD’s pill box.
          …methadone does not belong in this conservation-its just make your weirder and sicker that when you took smack.

          1. sidhe

            I know a lot more about methadone and long term use than you do, and it’s harmful effects, having seen them first hand, you absolute child

            but once you can make brag about how cool you are for your drug use on an internet forum where literally no one cares, you’re all good Johnny,
            once your overdue eloped ego has been assuaged, you’re fine

            what a waste of time

          2. Johnny

            Great so wait till there’s a methadone piece-you know NOTHING about cannabis.
            You seem care a lot you comment under my posts daily….

          3. sidhe

            yes that’s how this works

            because nobody could possibly know more about anything but you

            as I said, you’re a waste of time

          1. Johnny

            -I just cant find the cultivation section but given your expertise here and well basically in pretty much every area I was hoping you’d help me ….

          2. Johnny

            take you time GOY its in English after all-just the part or bit regarding growing – I cant seem find it anywhere ?

          3. Ghost of Yep

            “I was hoping you’d help me ….”

            Stop smoking weed in the morning and talking about it on the internet like it’s super cool.

            My point, if you missed it, was you saying nothing had been done. I pointed to something that had. Didn’t comment on this particular case.

            Feel me dawg?

          4. sidhe

            not sure if you saw but Johnny here thinks he’s channelling Hunter S Thompson too, like he’s the first person to do this and isn’t he such a badass too

          5. Johnny

            oh wow GOY thats great so how many patients have been helped-NOTHING was done.
            -what you linked if you read it after all its in English but again take your time, relates to APPROVED finished deeply researched fully approved medical cannabis- MEDICINE-not home growing recreational weed for ‘self-medication’ oh I was thinking of growing some poppies this summer….
            -you don’t have a point- NOTHING was done regarding cultivation, it was one of the many failings in Gino’s ‘bill’,it appears he used crayons and a coloring book to draw it up.

          6. Ghost of Yep

            “Ireland made no ‘moves’ to legalize cannabis NONE at all”

            I replied to this. You have just stated what was done and how it wasn’t enough. I agree. Now do you get it?

          7. Johnny

            Oh FFS GOY-give it up-after all its in English and you have lots time-show me the link to the Minister of Justices attempts-or are you still referring to the Health Ministers very very limited trail program for finished products ?

            The health dept has attempted licenses a few products under the Health Dept
            the Justice Dept has done NOTHING to decimalize medical cannabis.

          8. Ghost of Yep

            Now it’s about the Justice Department…alright dude.

            You win. I’m just a silly stupid head.

          9. Johnny

            -you missed my spelling mistakes as someone who grew up with dyslexia,you get used to trolls young.

  2. Paulus

    We hear cannabis can provide boosters
    Against some ills, so perhaps these producers
    Might respond to the need
    And sprinkle some weed
    On their crop of Kerr Pinks, Queens and Roosters.

  3. Johnny

    All the many many Uncle Tony’s in Ireland should be arrested and jailed – another rich white man decides break the law-but its medical reserach-whats his background-training-expertise to carry this out – what standards is he growing to GMP?

    For years,Anto and Micko have been getting locked up for a lot less weed than this-start locking up the rich white guys and you will see change until then Anto and Micko will rot in the joy.

    Are only rich white guys allowed do research – was he ahem carrying out any ‘trials’?

    1. Johnny

      -well its Big Ag-large scale intense farming-who knows how many acres were under cultivation-given the downright corruption and incompetence in the Guards,they probably missed the big grow in the commercial grade greenhouses…or took anther bribe to look the other way again.,
      -if it was Council House in Tallaght it would have been ripped apart by now and the canine unit would have had a c**p on your floor and you’d be in jail.

  4. Johnny

    Great thanks Bodger-fine I got it no one has a fooking clue-i will do a very very occasional piece as Johnny Green.
    I will try summarize the current legislation, its waste my time as this govt is not going do anything but I do it for the patients.

    1. Johnny

      I’d say its the best weed in Ireland given the resources and ‘research’ facilities at his disposal for free, gosh the nutrients alone that he would get at wholesale pricing no questions asked, unlimited water, cheap power, he has it all to do his research,except any qualifications or background in medical weed,clearly he has the capital and expertise for large scale farming at commercial grade.
      and shur if he’s caught he’s white and rich, can hire a good lawyer made a spurious claim about medicine and get off scot free,Micko from Tallaght would be by now someones wife in the joy….facing a few hard years and a criminal record-ah its a great little country to be white and rich.

  5. Janet, dreams of big guns

    the only thing good about those crisps is one of the lads in the family picture on the back, WOULD, if you fancied farmers that is and had a thing for tractors and wellies,

  6. Johnny

    Sent a few messages on signal to my connects in D4-now apparently there is this big secret research weed grow, some wealthy white guy with loads family money in farming has reversed engineered (its easy) the family’s BigAg operations for large scale medical grade weed cultivation.He’s know in the game as Big Ton as he only moves weight, minimum order a pound but you gotta wait,10 pounds or up and Big Ton is your man same day deliver via the usual route-dodgy taxi drivers.

    Now Big Ton only grows premo as he has all the resources and capital to corner the market in uber high end medical grade weed,he’s spent years and years doing research on line and is extremely knowledgeable,now he’s in full scale production mode and blowing the doors off with his grow,grade and scale.

    -any weekend in July if you wander around the slips in Kinsale or spend any time in sailing circles you will quickly smell that sweet Mary Jane smell-yeah Big Ton.

    -if you are at the RDS and you walk by the competitors and owners enclosure yep thats Big Ton’s.

    -if one evening you stroll around where the lawyers and journalists, the judiciary,medical community live in Rathgar/Donnybrook or Ballsbrige yep that sweet sweet smell is Big Ton’s premo.

    When Big Ton has a bad crop or a rubbish grow in one his many many research projects, in his family’s greenhouse probably paid for vis some FG grant thing for farmers, goes south-nah he doesn’t sell that stuff to his high end clients,that gets unloaded on Captains Road or Oliver Bond Street Flats.

    Now if I was a skinny 17 years old kicking a ball in Oliver Bond St or on Captains Road and read in the paper the almost glowing puff piece on Uncle Tony’s growing operations, and my pal was in juvy or the joy for a possessing a ounce,I would have question Ireland’s sense of justice….one for the rich one for the ….

    Its the Big Ton’s in Ireland the rich wealthy connected family money white guys who have cornered the weed game,not Micko and his mates in the flats selling it by the gram, some war on drugs…..

    Piece on social justice in states and weed-the war on drugs has been waged in the working class areas not among the rich white farming community, who actually grow the weed in Ireland and make most the profits the price is paid by the poor as always.


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