This evening.

Dublin city centre.






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13 thoughts on “Obey

  1. Rapscallion

    Andrew Bostom, self-proclaimed anti-Islamist, is one voice in many failing to, or deliberately obfuscating the need/role for facemasks. Perhaps, they don’t protect a dentist but they sure as hell offer added security for their patients. I wear a mask out of civic responsibility, not personal protection (although it may well offer some of that). There is wide peer reviewed evidence online (e.g. – as well as anecdotal evidence from cultures such as South Korea – that confidently state face masks can help reduce the onward spread by pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic covid-19 positive people. Put your faith in Allah, by all means. But tie up your camel.

    1. Alan

      I’m guessing BS never read the article before posting the tweet, as the article in question is about the current masks used in a dental setting for well dentists and not regarding the transmission of Covid-19 through the general population. The article itself holds no relevance to mask wearing on the Luas

      1. Rapscallion

        Rehashing other people’s work through his own filter seems to be Bostom’s modus operandi.

    2. harrold

      Any person who dose not wear a mask when mixing with others seriously cannot be tolerated
      I for one wear one and some gob sh1te has no right to breath the same air as me next to me and infect me with what they might be carrying

      Ad for the unions
      A bus driver and a train driver and employee of the transporting means has a duty to ensure the people they carry are safe

      So how much training do they need to tell some idiot sorry no mask no travel

      Is this the unions play for an increase in pay?

    3. f_lawless

      Were you aware that, in 2019 ,the WHO conducted a large scale review/meta-analysis of interventions for flu pandemics? As part of this analysis, they reviewed 10 different randomised control trials on the efficacy of face masks in preventing community spread.

      Ten RCTs were included in the meta-analysis, and there was no evidence that face masks are effective in reducing transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza. “

      Randomised control trials are up at the highest level of hierarchy for scientific studies. Studies at a lower hierarchical level are more susceptible to bias. The WHO have yet to sufficiently explain why they have now done an about turn in policy and disregarded the previous 10 RCTs and their own conclusion in favour of a smaller body of evidence of a lesser standard.

      (Here’s a thread with relevant screen shots from the WHO documentation:

      Also ,even the observational Covid-19 study I’ve read which claimed that mask use was significantly beneficial for certain countries, concluded that it was those countries who went into lockdown at an early stage of the pandemic. Not relevant to adopting mask-wearing at this stage much later in the evolution of virus.

      To me (at least), the DELVE report you reference reads like an attempt at obfuscation
      Here’s what they say in their “Key Points’ section:

      “Nevertheless, the cumulative multifaceted evidence on mask efficacy provides strong support for their use. Several accepted medical and public health practices to reduce the transmission of other infections are based on similar types of evidence and not on the results of randomized clinical trials.”

      Rather than mention any of the numerous RCT’s that have found no evidence of efficacy for masks, they seem to be making a dismissive oblique reference to them (implying they can be ignored) by vaguely referring to other medical and public health practices which weren’t supported by RCTs.

      Mask-wearing has become politicised and a way for governments to transition the public out of lockdown while deflecting away from any narrative that might gain traction that lockdowns were a mistake in policy.

      WHO report:

  2. Matt Pilates

    Send in the French CRS. None of your namby-pamby bothering of selecting only the guilty. Le Thwack.

  3. John Smith

    What about the people who, by the Government’s own guidance, can’t/shouldn’t wear masks? Is there any arrangement for them? How are they able to prove that they should not be forced to wear a mask? Or are they just not allowed to go on the Luas or other public transport at all? The Government’s guidance web-page makes no reference to the fact that there is a conflict between the new requirement and their continuing guidance – both of which are stated on the same page.

    1. SOQ

      Get with the program John Smith.

      Working the ISIS bride look prevents deaths of those over 65 imprisoned in the ‘for profit’ nursing homes.

      1. John Smith

        On a personal level, it doesn’t affect me, as public transport doesn’t reach where I live. I’ll be keeping in tune with the 90+% round here who never wear a mask. However, the question was a serious one. There doesn’t seem to be any consideration in the announcement for those who can’t/shouldn’t wear a mask and I wondered how this is being handled by Luas and other ‘officials’ who have no qualification to enable them to judge whether people fall into that bracket.

  4. Dhaughton99

    Any chance of a clamp down on the drug dealers and general scum which populates the red?

  5. Custo

    Oh look. More half baked conspiracy bullshit from bodger.

    Just wear a fupping mask for the twenty minutes your on the luas / bus and shut up.

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