They’re Killing Kenny

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Mary Kenny was to interview Kevin Myers at the Percy French festival in Roscommon

This morning/afternoon.

“Covid-19 was not the Black Death,”Mary Kenny said [on Today with Sarah McInerney on RTE Radio One] . It killed “some” who were vulnerable, but for most the symptoms were flu-like and unpleasant. And as such the government’s response should be proportionate.

“People should be sensible and take precautions, they should proceed with their lives. There are risks in life.”


G’wan Mary.

Don’t mind them fearful ninnies.


‘Covid-19 was not the Black Death’: Mary Kenny brands Irish quarantine regulations as ‘draconian’ (Irish Examiner)

18 thoughts on “They’re Killing Kenny

  1. george

    If you heard here being interviewed by Sarah McInerney she sounded deranged. “I never even considered travelling might be an issue….” etc. Only a flu-like condition and all the usual crap.

    I’d say if she got it herself she’d be months recovering if she even fully recovered.

  2. Fairhill

    Challenged her once about a column she wrote about bringing back the Nuns/Matrons to hospitals, to solve all the cleaning ills. Or some old guff she was spouting that week. Was surprised to get an acknowledgment and retraction of her naïve opinion by email from her. In fairness it was badly researched guff

  3. Vanessanelle

    Btw Mary’s sister was our career guidance teacher back in the day

    Every bit as fulla’ herself
    And even more windier

    She’d that many airs and graces she’d keep Cork Week racing for a fortnight

  4. Madam X

    I had the thing . You should try it Mary . its only 3 months after an I’m still not back to normal. Great fun it is Ya silly plank

  5. missred

    I cannot imagine a conversation any more unbearable than Mary Kenny interviewing Kevin Myers. Not enough wind for those bags


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