Chile Reception

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A cell in the women’s section of Mountjoy Prison

This afternoon.


…The State did not contest an inquiry into the legality of the detention of Estefany Carolina Alquinta Gonzalez, who came to Ireland earlier this month to start a six month course with a Dublin-based language school to study English.

However, when she arrived at Dublin Airport on 2 July she was detained by immigration officials and was denied entry on the grounds that she represented a real and immediate threat to the fundamental policy interests of the State….which she denied…


…Before arriving in Ireland Ms Gonzalez said an official in that department said she would be allowed enter Ireland in order to complete her course, even though her courses were to be delivered online, as long as her travel documents were in order.

…She claimed that she was informed that she could not enter as a tourist as she wanted to come into Ireland as a student…immigration officials denied her permission to enter the state, arrested and detained her….


Justice Minister to review Chilean student’s solitary confinement (RTÉ)


24 thoughts on “Chile Reception

  1. Your Home Correspondent

    Dublin-based language schools are a bit of a joke in this regard.

    I’d rather a Brazilian meself…

  2. broadbag

    She came to Ireland to do a language course, even though the school was shut due to Covid and the course was online. She shouldn’t have been told it was okay to come but her story doesn’t quite add up either.

    1. Kingfisher

      Doesn’t it? Surely a large part of learning a language is daily interaction and speaking in normal social situations? Even if the course itself is online, you don’t really get fluency unless you have to work out how to say things in ordinary conversation. You can take all the courses you like, but without being in the linguistic environment, you’re going to struggle to say something as simple as “Hello, can you an electrician – the kettle isn’t working, I’ve replaced the fuse in the plug, but the cord’s a bit frayed and it’s sparking, so I think it needs someone skilled to fix it.” Go on, try and say that in the foreign language of your choice.

  3. Stephen

    Not a bad room in the prison. I seen far worse up on daft charging and arm and a leg.
    Do the women get better rooms than the men?

    1. curmudgeon

      Yes! In Mountjoy men get jail cells, women get “rooms” in Dochas. Discrimination is fine once it affects men, that has been the mantra of the Irish state for the last two decades.

      Not so fun fact; judges give women custodial sentences far less often than men, so for a woman to get sent to Dochas for any length of time she must be an extremely dangerous/horrible person – this was told to me by a now retired member of the IPS and reiterated by a friend in the Gards. This Chilean wan is a notable outlier.

      1. Kingfisher

        I’ve taught in prisons. Most of the women I taught were sentenced for things like shoplifting.
        The effect of a young mother being jailed is, generally, far different for children than if a young father is jailed.

  4. Johnny

    The minister for nepotism just illegally detained and placed in solitary confinement, violating numerous international treaties a citizen from a friendly country,Pinochet be proud this minister,first they came for the peope from Chile and i said nothing…

    1. Cian

      how so?
      The immigration officer has authority under Irish law to refuse to allow non-nationals into the state (hint – it’s their job).
      She was detained. She was kept in solitary confinement – she was safe from the other prisoners who are convicted offenders.

      What international treaties were violated?
      If she is legally held in prison – should she be mixed with the general population?

        1. Johnny

          -she tested negative upon arrival-volunteered to selt quaratine for 14 days at her prearranged and paid for accommodation,address provided.

    1. Matt Pilates

      Looks comfortable. Very IKEA. Could do with some Orla Kiely curtains and a matching bedspread. Better than the Dublin airport hotels though.

      Still, she hardly expected the Spanish Inquisition….

    1. Johnny

      …and paid for, which she politely informed the Ministers Praetorian Guard off,they following the Minister For Nepotism orders illegally detained her -(no strip search?)- placed her in solitary confinement against her will,violating numerous treaties,not to mention her basic human rights.

  5. Matt Pilates

    “Ms Gonzalez represented by Rosario Boyle SC, appearing with Aoife McMahon Bl instructed by solicitor Wendy Lyon” – how did this come about?

  6. Johnny

    Thanks Minister Helen McEntee,for issuing this unconstitutional detention order,Santagio is an amazing city and Valparaíso wow-,beautiful, country and surf is stunning, people amazing too.

    This really is awful by this rookie inexperienced Minister,shaeful stuff,reeks of RUC policing tactics, be better.

    This lovely International students dad passed away two months ago.

    “Ireland has not been the most welcoming part of my journey to Europe. This time is very weird everywhere. I am just happy to be free but I feel no one deserved something like this.”

    I was with a really good friend who was from Santiago and summered in Viña del Mar,moved to NY, was into opera good times,Ireland is better than this I loath nepotism.

    Oh by the way she’s in charge of decriminalizing medical cannabis to allow growing by many sick and suffering patients, instead the state buying and approving them slowly from BIgPhrama,not the minister for health he’s just a glorified clerk.


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