A Familiar Cycle


Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan will have ‘four or five’ special advisors

Green Party firebrand Saoirse McHugh rails against her party’s unseemly scramble for the ‘goodies’.


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20 thoughts on “A Familiar Cycle

  1. broadbag

    Saoirse ”Sour Grapes” McHugh, beating the sheets to see which insects fall out and offer her enough to jump ship to their own uniquely non-corrupt and completely above reproach party.

    1. bisted

      …when I look at Saoirse McHugh I see someone non-corrupt…I agree it’s rare but not unique, I hope…she promised to leave the greens if they went into government with FFG…she hasn’t…so not above reproach…

    2. Vanessanelle

      I’ve a lot of time for Saoirse
      But she’d want to grow up
      And cop on to herself

      Two of the Greens Ministeries are very broad and complex
      And do need separate specialists
      Like Direct Provision alone requires a very different strategy, policy programme and budget all on its own, and indeed legal and constitutional instructions.
      The same goes for Housing.

      Like does she really think the person that is engaged to be the lead advisor to the Minister on Public Transport should also tasked with developing a strategy for the Local Authorities; at the same time?!?

      Getting on with the job is the business of Government. And better to throw the manpower they can at these issues before the next one gets sworn in.

      Is it too much to expect Politicans – of every rank file and party to act business like and be leaders in their Constituencies, rather that scruffy kids crying over their slice of the birthday cake.

      1. arfton Clax

        That’s what Civil Servants or consultants are for. Advisers are rarely specialists. They tend to be either Journos/PR types or party people. Go through the last list of them. How many are actually experts in the areas they are appointed to?

        1. Vanessanelle

          Who they appoint is another story altogether

          And only speaking for myself
          I’d be aiming for the best available, and endeavour to leave the job & department in a better condition than it was before I arrived

          The Greens and eFFers have that opportunity now
          So their members should get in behind them and stop behaving like they’re parents at an u-10s feile

    3. Rob_G

      I don’t know why she just doesn’t leave and join AAA-PBP and be done with it; their brand of refusing any workable solutions for the sake of ideological purity would suit her down to the ground.

    1. Gringo

      Not really. This is exactly the type of behaviour that will sink the Greens next time out. They may as well join Fine Gael and have done with it.

  2. Gerry

    Virtue-signalling. All governments have advisors.

    BTW, the plural of aide de camp is aides de camp (like surgeons general or courts martial)

  3. George

    She lost me when she went after the public swimming pool. There are more public pools in Mayo than in Dublin city centre. If Charlestown can have an outdoor pool than why not Dublin city? The closest one in Carlow.

    A pool is a basic sports and leisure facility that local authorities provide and should provide. DCC’s only pool in the city centre is due to be demolished.

      1. Barry the Hatchet

        Dublin is a pretty big place. It’s home to 1.2 million people. So, to be honest, pointing out that Dublin has one facility 17km outside the city centre and asking why it might need more facilities makes you sound like an idiot.

        1. scottser

          that’s not a pool, that’s a water park thing. besides, last time i was there it was about 15 quid per child, 50-something for a family ticket.

      2. George

        Why wouldn’t it be outdoors? Its an activity that is unaffected by rain. Outdoor pools are very pleasant even when the weather isn’t great and are amazing on sunny days.

        The national aquatic centre is 20km from my home. It would be a 3 hour round trip for me as I don’t drive. The fastest driving route from the site of the new pool is also a 20km journey and many people in the area don’t own cars.

  4. Do I need a username?

    While I admire McHugh’s idealism however strident, it does need to be tempered with a dose of realism. What can I best achieve/ what is achievable? How can I bring the most people along with me? Change for the most part tends to be incremental.

    Easy to point out our obvious problems, harder to posit viable solutions that will actually be implemented.

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