Cruel Summer


Outside Grogan’s pub in Dublin 2 earlier this month

Reopening of pubs and nightclubs deferred to 10 August (RTÉ)


28 thoughts on “Cruel Summer

      1. Johnny

        I think it refers type license in that that have a “wet” license but could be complete wrong as I’m off my head on some new stuff…that super duper sonic weed…the stuff the gougers and posers claim they have in the front corner – you know who’s you are and so do we …

    1. Dhaughton99

      The lad who pretends to fish the canal, just beside the Drimnagh luas stop, will help you out.

      1. Johnny

        …so much drama with street deals,the Five O way more likely lift you,safer in a posers and wannabe provo pub like the castle-its my ‘local’ when home so taking the wee wee out someone who’s always there with bad hash claiming it just came in from from Morocco…its the best man yeah yeah yeah…

          1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

            Says the small Lebowski there.
            No need to roll, Solpadeine is my drug of choice.

          2. Johnny

            ..that will certainly slow your roll,more Pineapple Express your dating yourself again.

          3. Johnny

            ..yeah got bored while ago…pills are boring as is that old movie it just didn’t hold up,so its on now is it great see you around…

          4. Rob_G

            During the slightly less than 10 years I spent dabbling in a variety of drugs, I never once heard any Irish person use eighths of ounces to buy hash, ever*

            Bang of bullpoop off of this persona…

            (*pro-tip for pretending to be a cool drug guy: Irish people buy hash in “spots”)

          5. Cú Chulainn

            1/8ths, 1/4qtrs, 1/2s and bars… if memory serves me correctly.. then 9 bars.. I’ll stop there..!!! It’s too soon to open the bars.. so, a wise move.. enjoy the sonic Johnny..

          6. Johnny

            i only ever have seen or been around ‘soaps’ Rob never bought/sold on streets/pubs so how many grams in a soap bar -i smoke weed get it from friends who grow in Irl, but have the occasional drink in Grogans,was having bit fun till you came crashing in ah your still upset i see over your drunk driving buddy,he is handsome i suppose and takes great pics as you keep saying…still hes a convicted criminal unlike me…

          7. The Old Boy

            Driving offences disposed of by way of a duly paid fixed penalty notice do not lead to a criminal conviction. This is a matter of public policy to avoid unduly clogging up the District Court lists. Nevertheless, I can assure you that all driving offences remain crimes.

          8. Rob_G

            C’mon you guys, this legal stuff is boring.

            You know what isn’t boring? A grown man throwing around drug lingo in an effort to impress strangers on the Internet.

          9. Johnny

            It’s called “soap” because a 250g bar is shaped like a bar of soap Rob,its ok you only bought small little amounts no need be so hostile all the time,trying cancel everyone and shut down debate/discussion because you know so little about it.

            Hes a drunk driver,who was fired by his boss and should resign for not disclosing his crimes to the voters, hid them for years …do you really even now after all this have any idea what happened i certainly dont,nor do I believe a word he’s saying,how do you know when a alcoholic is lying…his lips are moving,he’s a convicted drunk driver.

          10. Johnny

            so dont-i only read yours when which is quite a lot you post under mine,simple!
            it started as a joke with Matt and look now your here as usual….

  1. ec

    Question – is it possible for a pub with no kitchen to team up with a take away that is next door/on the same street, and then open for business?

    1. The Tec Dr

      Slattery’s in Beggars Bush have Paulies doing Pizza for them. Not a takeaway but still food from elsewhere.

    2. goldenbrown

      technically I don’t think so ec

      this €9 meal nonsense is just a political handbrake on pub and nightlife resuming as was far as I can see

      I haven’t been out much myself yet but one of my kids works in a gastropub just around the corner from Grogans….a nice gaff and they seem to be doing very well for themselves BUT the food waste is apparently ATROCIOUS….half the punters pay for the meal and let it sit untouched or barely nibbled at and many ask to just pay the €9 without meal…it’s that bad they’re having a meeting in the morning to discuss what to do

      1. Custo

        They’re meant to be open as a restaurant only. Why can’t people get this through their heads? Nowhere is open as a pub yet.

  2. Lilly

    I feel sorry for the publicans, presumably with their kegs in and ready to go for Monday. This u-turn is a bit last minute. Was it not a given that numbers would go up as the country reopened, so why the surprise?

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