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Recognise her?

Via An Garda Síochána:

Please share and hopefully we can get this girl back to her home.

Looks like she was stolen, possibly from the Leinster Area and was found in Mallow, County Cork.

Following a report from Dublin that dogs had been stolen, an operation was put in place in Mallow yesterday.

Two cocker spaniel dogs were recovered and seized by Gardai. Both dogs were scanned and one dog was positively identified and returned to owner. This one was not microchipped and we are trying to get her home.

No arrests have been made but Gardaì are following a definite line of inquiry.

She is currently being cared for in a local guard’s home and the owner should contact Mallow Garda Station on (022) 31450.


Thanks Bebe

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28 thoughts on “Let’s Get You Home

  1. gallantman

    Gardai are following a number of leads:)

    Joking aside. I hope the punishment fits, about as mean spirited a crime can be commited!!

    1. goldenbrown

      I can’t even imagine such a thing, it’s completely bizarre

      this is fupping awful, just look at her…..if that scumbag ever ends up in court I hope the judge goes to town. GRRRR!

  2. Scundered

    They are part of the family so it should carry the same charge as kidnapping, this seems to suddenly have exploded as a crime, why the sudden surge?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        ‘The dogs were taken when gardaí were not satisfied with the explanation offered by the driver as to the ownership of the dogs and the purpose for transporting so many animals at the one time in a single vehicle.’
        But no word of any charges or arrests.

  3. Skeptik

    Looks like an old enough dog too. It will be distraught without it’s owners.
    Who the hell would buy an elderly dog?

  4. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    We had a dog nicked. Neighbours knew the possible culprits and called over, saying it’d be better if the dog were returned, no questions asked, not accusin’ nobody, just sayin’. Next morning, he appeared at our front door. He was hysterical but perfect.
    He went nuts every time they went past our front gate until he died, many years later.

    1. Steph Pinker

      Pedigree bitches/ pups are stolen for profit to sell on certain websites or they can be stolen to order, also, there’s a culture of dog-fighting which use weaker breeds, mixed breeds, older dogs etc… to blood the dogs being trained to fight. In both cases it’s highly organised and the first precaution taken by these people is to remove the micro-chip from the dog so it can’t be identified. Once a dog (or a litter) have been targeted, drones, or information provided by a local person – for a fee – are used to observe the movements of the dog owners’ schedule, then the dog(s) are stolen.

      Unfortunately, it’s quite common.

      1. Paulus

        Yes, this is something we all should be aware of. I heard a spokeswoman for an animal shelter describe the surge in interest from (well intentioned) people looking to adopt. Her concern was this was based on them being at home more, and under pressure from kids to get a dog. Fine, but what happens as when households begin to get back to normal? This demand may have helped the recent rise in dog thieft…or abduction…which is what it is:
        Is there anything sadder than the eyes of a worried dog in strange surroundings?

        1. Steph Pinker

          Well said Paulus, adoption during the lockdown is an aspect I hadn’t considered. Normally when a dog is adopted through a legal system, there are always follow-up checks on said animal – however, through illegal channels, any crisis could be used as a plausible excuse for presenting oneself as a legitimate dog lover who wants to buy because many people, legally or accidentally breed pups and want to give them new homes, but they don’t pursue follow-up checks subsequent to the sale. It’s the underground, illegal and black-market sales through organised crime, including websites, and cultural sports (dog-fighting/ cock-fighting) which are mostly responsible for such monetary profits.

          It costs a lot of money and time to rear and train a dog to kill another dog of its own size and weight; to do that the dog needs to be blooded at a young age with weaker dogs, consequently, when it reaches its maximum weight and strength they’re made fight to death, and we’re talking gambling bets of 10s of thousands of euro. There’s a very dark side to human nature and it costs a lot of money to keep it hidden.

  5. Hector Rameriz

    Hope this fellas owner is found. Who ever stole these dogs should be shot at side of road, thrown into the van and van set fire to… have no mercy for this scum. Poor dog looks distraught.

  6. Praetorian.

    I’ll always remember a w anchor attempting to rob my Boxer of 3yrs old many years ago…he tried to coxe him with some cooked meat…Murph was of course curious and a tad hungry.
    just as the dog rustler thought he had Murph…he never copped Zeus approaching from his rear.
    it was a very unpleasent picture when both dogs where eventually calmed down….after about 15mins….

    Ohhh how the Gaurds and i laughed.

    i know have five Boxers and two Dobermhans….needless to say no rustlers have ever returned.


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