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  1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Bojonaro is trump-lite. He thinks that by announcing what people want to hear, that things will get better. The “it’ll be over by Christmas” line sounds familiar. I think we might be in for a long war a la WWI and WWII.

    1. :-Joe

      +100% – It’s not even worth talking about Bojo or drumpf with any seriousness…
      Both are willing constructs permitted to exist in a role to distract the majority from reality.

      We haven’t even started to see the beginning of the oncoming effects of real and serious problems on the way…
      – e.g. Have a look at my post below…

      :-J – https://ww

  2. Charger Salmons

    Yes, heaven forbid a leader should try to strike a note of optimism about the future instead of being a right old glumbucket.
    Perhaps that’s what makes him so popular.
    You know the score by now.
    80 seat majority.
    Good lead in the opinion polls.
    Give me Mr Charisma Mehole any time.
    Mix and match as you wish.

    1. Joe F

      The same person who hasn’t got a clue to control crime in a city of 9 million, says disgusting things about carer homes?? Our guys are bad enough but Bozo and Trump are another level old boy. Trump and Bozo completely oblivious to half of what’s going on, it’s so laughable only it’s so serious. Dream on clown man.

    2. Joe F

      Can I just mention one other achievement of your great leader old boy. The UK has the fourth highest deaths per million from the virus in the world. Two of the three countries that have higher are San Marino and Andorra, combined deaths in both countries to date 94, considerably less than the UK total for TODAY! And the UK will actually pass Andorra in the next 2/3 days. Still I suppose, 80 seat majority is more important to you old boy.

      1. SOQ

        Extraordinary stuff coming out of England about how they have been calculating the Covid-19 fatality rates. Anyone who ever tested positive is recorded as a CoVid-19 death, IRRESPECTIVE of even what it says on the death certificate. Up to a 40% over estimate apparently.

        The media are playing it down as being an anomaly or quirk. It is not, it is a balls up which would get you sacked on the spot from any data analytics company. It is so bad that one has to wonder if it was not deliberate, particularly as the rest of the UK have been applying a 28 day limit.


        So how is Ireland calculating these deaths? If memory serves me, the island of Ireland are testing all deceased but at what point are those figures then readjusted once the test results come back?

        1. Cian

          While England is collecting data badly it isn’t going to change the number of deaths much. Low single percentage.

          Back of envelop calculation.
          England population 56million with 250,000 positive cases. So less than 0.5% of the population have been found positive.

          Last year there were about 300,000 deaths each 4 months. We would expect 0.5% of 300,000 deaths to be falsely said to be COVID. = 1,500 deaths marked as COVID when not.

          1,500 out of the 45,000 deaths. Or 3.3%

          *Or about 15 of the 114 deaths yesterday.

          1. SOQ

            I may be wrong here Cian and I’m sure you’ll tell me if I am but it seems like there is an increase in overall deaths, and that they are stretching the CoVid-19 tag as far as possible to justify the increase.

            I am not saying there is not a new corona virus but when you look at how flu figures fell off a cliff upon its arrival, one has to wonder if it the good old fashioned flu did not also play a part.

          2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

            @Cian – I think your logic is flawed. There are a lot more cases than have been identified. About 1% of those who get it will die. Of course, that will be worse if it hits lots of aged care. If the argument is that many of these people would have died anyway, then the deaths compared with recent years should help work that out.

    3. italia'90

      LBW David.
      Now 79.
      Lost an MP, Chair of the Intelligence and Security Committee
      and control of the ISC to Labour.
      “Boris Johnson behaved in an “improper” way when he tried to tell members of the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) who to choose as its chair, the MP who snatched the job from No.10′s preferred candidate has said.”

  3. :-Joe

    @Bodger Are you moderating at the moment?… I noticed you posting a while ago.

    Anyway my last post said awaiting moderation then disappeared…again..

    Any idea what’s going on?
    – It’s happened a few times before… but is it just a delay, a glitch, censorship?…

    :-J – https://www.privacytools.io

      1. :-Joe

        Sound Bodger, many thanks..

        Apologies for the spam.. I was just a little confused as to how one post in moderation disappears and then a second post, not flagged for moderation diappears also.

        Is it because the first one has put a flag on any others after it.. or until your transfusion / energy recharge maintenance sequence is complete… :P

        What do you make of that Biotech story btw.. heard anything about it before?…

        :-J – ht to get off this planet?… .Earth

        1. Bodger

          Joe, I think that’s what may have happened. My apologies, it wasn’t censorship in anyhow. That bitoech link is dead btw.

          1. :-Joe

            Np.. I put the two links in, in the wrong order.. If it’s easy to swap them I’d appreciate it…

            The first one(swapped) is the overview, best one to watch first.

            Both worked for me via Firefox / Duckduckgo..
            – gurgle / alphabet / In-Q-Tel and youtube often mess with links and try to limit certain sources.. de-funding platforms etc. ?

            I think yt has been a bit glitchy in the last couple of days tho…

            :-J – https://www.

  4. :-Joe


    @Bodger Are you moderating at the moment?… I noticed you posting a while ago.

    Anyway my last post said awaiting moderation then disappeared…again..

    Any idea what’s going on?
    – It’s happened a few times before… but is it just a delay, a glitch, censorship?…

    :-J – htt

      1. :-Joe

        Sure, but the post above is a re-post with details in brackets. The first time it was posted it was not flagged for moderation but was deleted / disappeared almost straight away.

        It was in response to the original post flagged for moderation that was deleted/ disappeared or hasn’t appeared yet either?…

        I’m not accusing or blaming anyone for anything but it’s strange behaviour and not the first time, particularly on the weekend for some reason. e.g. Bodger or others would usually reply and let you know why or if there was a problem with a post etc.
        IDK?..Maybe it will show up?…

        :-J – https://w

      1. :-Joe

        You’re welcome… did you find iit useful or did you learn anything or try out anything new?…

        Linux – Firefox – Noscript net – Duckduckgo is the way to go…
        Signal and protonmail too

        Btw.. Your formerly @ reminds me of the time a certain tourism organisation buying out a domain led to all my emails and contacts being deleted and lost while I was offline abroad…. Total nightmare but learnt more than a lesson since.. :P

        :-J – https://www.privacytools.io

        1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

          Hi Joe, Thanks. I did learn lots. Convenience is a difficult master to beat! That is where my name comes from. I had a similar experience. The old email address was a great way of identifying myself as Irish. We have moved on and like you, I have learned lots from it.

          1. :-Joe

            Give me convenience or give me death.. as the classic punk’s used to sing..

            We should have crowd funded the take-over, Gordon Gecko style and then made it secure and private like protonmail and given everyone the free option or pay for extra etc. but we were too slow to catch on.

            We were naive, it was simpler times,gurgle hadn’t even bought off the rights to the alphabet, nobody really knew anything about In-Q-Tel and they even used to repeatedly tell themselves and their emplyees “Don’t be Evil”.. Ah, the good aul days of hope, optimism and fearlessness in the face of the Millenium bug…

            I can still hear my modem beeping and crunching the sound away as if it was trying to talk to me..
            – Yes, I tried beeping back at it a few times..

            (No commercial third party links please Joe)

          2. :-Joe

            @Bodger or the to the anonymous moderator…

            ” (No commercial third party links please Joe) ”

            Hi, I’m not trying to cause any hassle but it’s not a commercial enterprise, product or profit orientated business or something I benefit financially from.

            It’s a non-profit, free public resource to help people have a safer and more secure experience on the internet. You can donate to it if you like or donate to one of the software/service developers that it recommends but that’s up to you. None of my business.

            You can see as even in this very thread that it’s helpful to some people.

            Would you / Broadsheet consider investigating it further to review it’s trustworthyness and consider creating a link or button on the front page of the BS website, maybe alongside the facederp or any other gurgle related or owned criminal enterprises…

            Just for a bit of solidarity with the public good and for balance… data privacy and security human rights etc.

            Or maybe just remove facederp entirely because it’s a terrible idea to be promoting corrupt corporate businesses that don’t have any respect for human rights at all.
            – e.g. Just search for facederp’s history of crimes, their part in ignoring a genocide accelerated by their platform, stealing data, knowingly manipulating people, admitting to damaging mental health, election rigging and workers rights abuses etc. etc. the list is a mile long…

            At the very least, can we agree that a simple link to a non-profit, respected and trustworthy public service is pretty much harmless?..

            Or what’s the best code to use to put it into a link as an embeded url..?

            Is this ok ?

            BS SEZ – not really Joe, with respect. It’s a policy of ours.

            Edit – Just tried it and it doesn’t work for me for some reason..


          3. :-Joe

            @Bodger / Broadsheet.ie / Anonymous moderator…

            Any word on adding the link to privacytools.io or something similar on your front page and/or will you consider removing the facederp link?..

            :-J – It’s a shame that the link is a problem for BS, but fair enough.

  5. scottser

    So ball tampering, endangered species murdering Botham gets a peerage.
    Marvellous or wanker – cast your votes here.

    1. bisted

      …met him in the residents bar of a small Dublin hotel about 25 years ago…thought he was a nice friendly guy…I know nothing of cricket and cared less but I remember being surprised about how athletic he was and thinking that he could probably have excelled at any sport…so why cricket…I thought up to then it was for wimps…

      1. scottser

        Jack didn’t shoot hawks or eagles, or try to get a journalist sacked when him and his chums were exposed for killing endangered species.
        Own goal there, spunker.

    2. :-Joe

      Ahh ok, there was a comma after “tampering”….
      – Close call… had me wondering there..

      To be fair.. Animal abusing homicidal maniac might seem a bit much but it’s a system of royalty and their now dead-empire so?…

      I remember him being talked about as a talented athlete who could have had a pick of many sports.
      I think he was just more into long slow easy-going afternoons soaked in sunshine and beer.

      :-J – https://ww

    1. Examiner No. 3

      I heard that the stadium will be filled with mostly brown people, chanting forrin’ sounding membo jumbo and wearing strange garb. To the pitchforks!!

      Eid mubarak, by the way. Do you know what the Arabic is for ignorant tosser?

    2. :-Joe

      Sure it will and why not, It’ll be one halal of a spectacle…

      sky can turn it into another pay-per-view box office windfall for the community.. etc.

      :-J -?.earth

    3. Rosette of Sirius

      Muslims have Eid ul fitr. Christians have Christmas. Which festival slaughters more animals?! Gwan. Guess.

          1. Rosette of Sirius

            I just don’t know why you got your knickers in a knot over this. Let them have at it.

  6. :-Joe

    Some disturbing facts on Covid19 and the future plan to implement a vaccine…..

    So, long story but as short as possible….

    The whole confusion around where the virus pandemic started, who is responsible, why this and why that in the mainstream narrative should be of no surprise to many of you I’ve seen posting on here when I tell you it’s all a massive scam.
    -I’m not referring to the virus itself or the obvious suffering…

    Almost everything going on around it is smoke and mirrors. It’s another sleight of hand distraction from reality, another colossol behemoth pile of lies and misinformation to keep the serfs in line, focused on anything but the truth, on the “too late it’s already happened” road and “you’ll never be allowed to know in advance” basis…

    Essentially, starting in the good ol’ ‘murican military state, the solution to our future vaccine needs is a previously ineffective, illegal and potentially dangerous manipulation of DNA and RNA through the injection of nanotechnology….

    – I have to admit, I can’t quite believe that I’m actually even typing this… It’s beyond surreal.

    Anyway, in this video, a clip is shown of a ‘murican military DOD presentation where the presenter discusses a new nanotechnology designed to target the brain.

    In this clip example.. It’s specifically designed for detecting and changing behaviour of angry muslims in the middle east who are most likely potential future threats to the ‘murican military complex…

    So eh..(I still can’t believe I’m typing this) As insane as that whole possibility is, this is the same technology that will be used to.. wait for it.. PRE-EMPTIVELY.. detect and cure victims of future pandemic virus outbreaks.

    So, some of you might be thinking wow, wouldn’t that technology be amazing…

    Well, Do any of you remember the problems of “pre-crime” in the story of Minority Report?..

    more importantly are any of you familiar with a certain set of ideas called human rights and liberty, freedom, democracy.. justice etc. etc.?…

    It sounds like some insane cliche’d, stereotype of orwellian nightmare becoming real… which assymilates a terminator film plot idea and gives birth to a future neo-matrix with a dash of minority report brought to life… but it’s beyond the imagination from the history of science fiction writing…

    Welcome to a new dawn(or dusk, in reality) and the coming future(already in progress and well underway)

    The era of the biotech industrial complex..
    – It literally makes the problems of big pharma and surveillance capitalism and a litany of others seem like a fine sunny day-trip to the beach of your wildest desires.. Limitless supply of back/foot rubs and cocktails etc.

    Again, Whitney Webb is a serious, credible, investigative journalist and this is not conspiracy theory.

    Biotechnology / Nanotechnology / DARPA / DOD / WHO /

    Podcast Whitney Webb on the Rise of a Biotech Industrial Complex Under COVID 19

    Also, the WHO, unofficially run by the corrupt patent fraudster Gates is completely corrupt. I din’t know why people still reference it as some kind of trustworthy institution.

    The virus had spread and infected many people in various areas all over the planet long before where it was supposedly traced to in Wuhan China.

    I’m genuinely stunned by this… I hope it turns out to be nonsense and I’m proved wrong..

    :-J – https….

      1. :-Joe

        So, you didn’t bother looking beyond the sci-fi-esque description?… Is it just more nonsense in your opinion or ?…

        It’s worth watching to get a broader overview and make up your own mind.

        Unfortunately, it’ll probably be a documentary in a few years, exposing and explaining how years before we were all plebs watching old news on netflix and didn’t notice..then we suddenly ended up in a pervasive AI dominated surveillance state with near zero privacy, minimal human rights and a faceless, anonymous system of authoritarianism we don’t even know how to begin to hold accountable.

        Next thing you know most people find themselves out of the equation of control over their own healthcare choices and are automatically being modified by the algorithm for their optimal health and efficiency or as the central AI public communications system will tell us… Our overall group collective “best interests”.

        It won’t really matter what is said as the technology will be a legal minimum requirement for all future new biological energy units and mandatory for existing legacy individual humans.

        Yeah, looking forward to the historical past being told as if it’s the present in a “new” documentary or film…


          1. :-Joe

            Have you bothered to watch it or look further into the excellent independent investigative journalism of Whitney Webb on Covid19 and many other stories?….

            Cian, honestly and sincerely.. It’s difficult to take you or your opinions seriously when, apart from often seeming narrow minded and dismissive of alternative views and opnions even those easily proven as grounded in truth and evidence.. you’ve admitted the other day that you were not even aware that F-f/g are on the so-called right.

            It’s very strange to me that considering your frequent comments on issues you don’t appear to have any grasp on understanding the traditional left to right political spectrum.

            Am I wrong, have you since made an effort to better understand or educate yourself on the differences?..

            Whitney Webb.. look her up and get back to me.


    1. jamesjoist

      I think you might have been reading
      Michael Grant’s sci.fi. novels , BZRK . They’re not meant to be taken seriously. All that rewiring the brain via controlled nano bots . It’s chewing gum for the brain . Lovely escapism. Relax man .

      1. :-Joe

        I’ve clearly not explained it properly or you’ve got it backwards… which is it?

        I tried to make the point that the real story is so bizarre and far fetched on the surface it actually looks like a simulation of a sci-fi plot from a novel or film.

        Watch the shorter second video, the overview one of the two or look up and read the investigative journalism online by Whitney Webb on Covid19 along with her colleagues… and then get back to me… btw. The YT links above were posted in the wrong order.

        It’s not some random individual selling a great fantasy story to gullable me… it’s a growing number of respected, credible and even award winning journalists together with data privacy and security experts reporting on facts and with real evidence.. FOI requests etc.

        My bad explanation, colourful waffle or whatever you think is wrong about it should not deter you from having a look for yourself. I’m not trying to sell anything to you.

        It’s just obvious(to me anyway) that it’s an important story for more people to hear and learn more


  7. Birdie

    The whole handling of students return to primary, secondary and university seems like an utter mess.

    On a somewhat related note. I wasn’t allowed visit my partner when we had our baba during the pandemic (I was allowed when delivery was imminent). Anyhow I’m not moaning about that as I understood it all, it totally made sense and still does but yet it’s fine for me to go to a pub. There seems to be no cohesion with approaches.

  8. Vanessanelle

    Hon Minister

    Roderic O’Gorman getting it done, and he not a month in the job

    Despite every effort and tool to dislodge him
    It was as pitiful as it was deplorable

    If anyone is wondering why now, and direct from the Vatican HQ no less
    Take a look at the players behind last weeks march and pathetic attacks on line

    Not to take away from the odiousness of those in the previous 5 years that called the Tuam Story a pack of lies
    And had Zappone rattled
    And Prone busy
    Or the ‘wan that called me a liar
    (Amongst other stuff)

    Its over
    Get real jobs

    And to repeat what I said last week about yere slurry spreading over people I work with, with stuff I’ve posted here and on the twitter
    Ta, Ye actually did me a favour

    1. Matt Pilates

      In fairness, 83 year old Prone was in lockdown. Zappone was busted as a Mé Féiner Minister a long time ago. Even her erstwhile acolyte Úna Mullally wouldn’t woman the barricades for her now. She’s the Ghislaine Maxwell of the ancien regime.

          1. SOQ

            Seriously- I am in contact with a number of people who were found of the old facial paralysis- gone south during the lock down is an understatement.

            Make sense I suppose- the face has muscles just like everywhere else so use it or lose it.

          2. Lilly

            Just make sure you get Jane Fonda’s surgeon, or Meryl Streep’s. Steer clear of Melanie Griffith’s.

  9. GiggidyGoo

    I see we are back to the suggestion that reducing VAT in the hospitality industry will attract punters to go out and spend.

    The last time the VAT in this industry was decreased, hotel and restaurant prices went up while the low VAT rate was in place. This suggestion is a result of FG trying to offset SFs suggestion of vouchers.

    1. Nigel

      The supposedly liberal media is, of course, being cannibalised by shareholder capitalism and profit-driven monopilisation leading to closures, layoffs, lack of resources and the rapid creeping takeover by algorithm-driven media, while authoritarian populist leaders rail against them as enemies of the people and communist broadcasting corporations. But I’m sure the guy who called opponents of the Iraq war a fifth column has much to tell us about how cancel culture and liberal intolerance are the real problem.

    2. Lilly

      Getting rid of Sullivan will cost them dearly. It’s like when Salon got rid of Cary Tennis without explanation. I’ve rarely been back.

  10. Johnny

    …I’m just no longer going to be writing for a magazine that has every right to hire and fire anyone it wants when it comes to the content of what it wants to publish…

    ok boomer!

    (its a business trying stay relevant, his views aren’t bit like yours)

  11. Johnny

    -we are finalizing lease terminations in city,closing all urban offices-most the team have relocated to Hamptons or Berkshires where we have rented converted barns as offices-this is going accelerate-future for us is hybrid of a few days at barn(office) few days home working.

    -significant implications for cities and govt’s.

    “The market right now, it just exploded,” Jason said. “I’ve been doing this for over 20 years, and I’ve never experienced the volume of inquiries and bookings for such a short period of time.”


    “The interest is unbelievable. Covid has made a lot of people think. There is a realisation now you can work remotely, hold meetings on Zoom. People are hankering for a better lifestyle, they want to raise their families as well.”


    1. Johnny

      -nice postmorten on AirBnb:

      “Airbnb banked on short-term rentals. Can it continue without them?
      The home-share giant invested in niche players as it grew. Now it’s in survival mode as the wider market crumbles..

      “And as people look for rural escapes, there is far less demand for urban units operated by the likes of Lyric, Zeus and others. Airbnb data show that while overall host earnings have slowed during the pandemic, hosts in rural areas saw a 25 percent bump in June, with earnings over $200 million.”


      -a bankruptcy filling by WeWork/Airbnb has already been modeled-you could say Barca is ahead the curve-this is excellent!

      “Barcelona’s Latest Affordable Housing Tool: Seize Empty Apartments
      Fill vacant rental units with tenants or we will take over your properties, the city is warning landlords.”

      -..which includes Barcelona, to take control of properties that have been left without tenants for more than two years..
      – Barcelona will have expanded power to actually buy the apartments outright by compulsory purchase, at 50% of market rate….


      Read: Feargus O’Sullivan at Bloomberg CityLab,superb.

      1. Matt Pilates

        +1 Boom go the free food tech jobs in Grand Canal Docks. Lower rents allround. Good bye. Good riddance.

        WeWork are next. Hubspot, LinkedIn, Microsoft are all downsizing.

        1. Johnny

          BOOM goes West Cork,if you have the cash what a great place hunker down,gods county.
          -searches for houses:
          West Cork +9,000%
          Schull up 300 times compared last June,Rosscarbery 4.5 times jump,Cloakilty and Kinsale 3.5 times greater.
          150% spike interest Kerry properties centered around Kenmare,Kilarney and Tralee.

          -significant increases cottages,farmhouses and country houses-the good life:)

          Lorcan Sirr,is quoted in the IT lamenting the Irish govts inaction in promoting what could easily be described and promoted as the ideal post covid life stlye-rural Ireland.If only there was a govt party interested in promoting a back to the land ,off the grid low footprint lifestlye….

          “The Government could capitalise on this now, to revitalise towns and villages,” he says.

          “It could be levered quite well to attract people into towns and villages. Now there are people willing to do it. It is probably easier to persuade people to move into towns and villages now than it would have been 24 months ago.”
          IT-link above.

  12. Charger Salmons

    So the previous daily infection rate of 34 which caused them to fear a second spike ( this in a population of 5 million ) and insist on wet-led pubs staying closed until August 10th has gone down to 21 with just 2 deaths.
    And for this Ireland’s vital tourist and hospitality industry must continue to flatline with a knee on its neck.
    You’re being led by donkeys who have you running scared of your own shadow.


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