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  1. Politico

    Perhaps the lead writers in today’s Mail should have waited to read the front of The Sunday Times before they ran with that rubbish. The front of The Sunday Times has a lot more info on the story than the Sindo.

    1. Politico

      Perhaps I was unfair on the Mail as inside the paper there appears the following: “However, in an Ireland Thinks poll for the Irish Mail on Sunday, conducted on Friday and Saturday, 68% of respondents said that Mr Martin was right to sack Mr Cowen, 20% said he was wrong, with 12% saying they didn’t know.”

  2. Your Home Correspondent

    Disappointingly tame Daily Star front page.

    Irish Daily Mail: Sounds like democracy is on a knife edge. Hundreds of Chilean “language” students are fleeing Dublin as The Night Of The Short Blunt Breakfast Rolls approaches.

  3. delacaravanio

    If Barry Cowen wasn’t a TD he’d probably have been locked up for his u-turn. Scumbag.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Probably because he’s a thorn in the side of the establishment. I googled …. twitter Dr Marcus De Brun ….

      The list of what he’s tweeted gives an idea of why maybe.

      Or else he closed it himself ?

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Get quietly hitched to the millionaire property developer before her rapey da gets arrested. A clever move.

      1. sidhe

        she’s not responsible for the sins of her horrible father and she’s entitled to a nice wedding day, regardless.

    1. SOQ

      Well either he either closed it voluntarily or it was closed by someone else. I very much doubt it was by his own hand as it was central to his campaign- it is very strange. ‘This account does not exist’ is now in Danish on the account which would suggest it is a technical issue.

      Just a point on Twitter.

      Twitter was hacked- not individual accounts but the platform itself. Nobody knows what information was stolen and nobody really knows what back doors were installed- such is the nature of security breaches.

      It will only be a matter of time before someone shouts ‘I did not write that’ and without rebuilding their platform from scratch, Twitter cannot really defend the integrity of its systems- then the legal dances will begin.

  4. Tom Wong

    The Poor Oul Divils
    (an ode to the poor oul divils stuck in Ireland avoiding coronavirus)

    The poor oul divils want me banned, aye, die, dildo-aye-doh,
    The poor oul divils me can’t stand, aye, die, dildo-aye-doh,
    The poor oul divils all lined up, aye, die, dildo-aye-doh,
    Said I couldn’t drink from their cup, die, die, dissenter!

    The poor oul divils live in a cave, aye, die, dildo-aye-doh,
    The poor oul divils are not very brave, aye, die, dildo-aye-doh,
    The poor oul divils have multiple names, aye, die, dildo-aye-doh,
    But begob and bedad they all sound exactly the same, die, die, dissenter

    The poor oul divils said why, did you fly?, aye, die, dildo-aye-doh,
    The poor oul divils only see with one eye, aye, die, dildo-aye-doh,
    The poor oul divils must be all stuck in Moate, aye, die, dildo-aye-doh,
    En route to staycaying with a sheep or a goat, die, die, dissenter
    and so on

  5. Charger Salmons

    I see Nantes cathedral’s great organ has been destroyed this weekend.
    Tell me about it …

      1. Janet, dreams of big guns

         In many cases the unprotected churches are preyed on by thieves, which indicates criminal intent, if not hatred. The Cathedral of Saint-Louis in Fort de France, for example, was robbed five times last December. Ten churches in two weeks, in two dioceses, were looted in February, though, in a rare example of police action, two men were arrested.
        While arrests are few, a mix of ideologies and motives is readily apparent from the graffiti the vandals often leave. They are shown to be radical secularists, anarchists, leftists, feminists, sexual libertarians, Islamists, radical Muslims and a Satanist group, which religion scholar Massimo Introvigne says is minuscule in France.

        1. Janet, dreams of big guns

          French churches are not locked up outside of mass time, even as an atheist they can be nice places to pop in for a bit of quiet, contemplation, enjoy the architecture, but it leaves them vunerable, I don’t know if they are here, I know the Protestant ones are,
          My parents church had nasty slogans carved into the wooden door, graffiti and at one stage the church donkeys where attacked with wooden stakes, here in Ireland.

          1. SOQ

            Thanks Janet- whoever it is, they have a lot of hatred in their hearts because some of those buildings were and are absolutely beautiful.

            I have a thing about churches myself- that people had such faith as to spend so many years of their lives building such extraordinary buildings is quite fascinating.

  6. Charger Salmons

    Boris marks the anniversary of his first year in office with a great interview with his old employer the Telegraph.
    A cracking election victory, Brexit done, a divorce, a baby and a brush with death – quite a busy 12 months by anyone’s standards.
    With a healthy lead in the opinion polls and a largely acquiescent parliamentary party he has every right to enjoy his full English breakfast this morning.
    With HP sauce on the side,of course …

    1. Tom Wong

      haha the HP sauce quip did make me laugh
      Shouldn’t that be YR sauce though!
      Best of British and all that

      Your coronavirus mask slipped off there old chap

    2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      Bozonaro will crash big time. His response to the virus has been horrendous and deadly. His best hope is to continue to underfund education. The Tories might be in power perpetually, when the Scots leave the union.

      1. Tom Wong

        I’ve heard he is very ill and shaken from his experience of near death, and will be unlikely to contest the next election as leader.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          Such a miraculous recovery, though and now he’s behaving like he never had it! Hmmm…

      2. Charger Salmons

        You and every other Boris detractor have been making the same predicition on a daily basis since he became PM.
        You’d better get a flask of tae and some ham sangers in for the long haul.
        I love how some Irish people who are foisted with a government they can’t stand, a leader with the charisma of a rotary clothes line, a population cowed into submission by fear of a virus infecting fewer people at the end of this week than the beginning, their pubs remaining shut and popular sunshine holiday destinations busy with European tourists carrying the same Irish health warnings as a staycation in Baghdad but they still can’t get their head around why Boris remains popular.
        You’d think by now they’d be asking different sorts of questions …

        1. Joe F

          Hey old boy. Why don’t you answer 2 simple questions, even the likes of you can follow. How about him and crime in London? You say it’s not his responsibility!!! What about his comment on carer homes 2 weeks ago? Absolutely disgusting remarks. UK has fourth highest virus deaths per million in the world, only Andorra, San Marino (combined death toll 94) and Belgium have higher rates. He’s doing a might job alright old boy. Yeah he really has that human touch. Our leaders are bad but Bozo…….

        2. Joe F

          As you have no response to those simple questions old boy, can I make a suggestion for you. You could become Bozo’s press secretary. You said previously you liked Kayleigh McEnany, Trump’s press secretary. She’s very good at spouting positive remarks (some of which are 100% blatant lies) and completely ignoring the mayhem around him. I think you and Kayleigh have a lot in common old boy, although I would prefer looking at her than you.
          Joe F chuckles!!

  7. GiggidyGoo

    Barry Cowen has his work cut out in his attempt to have the garda record amended to suit him.
    His only hope it seems is to succeed down the gdpr route.

    But he is taking the show on the road. i’m sure they will be sell-out gigs.
    It could be named The Great Sell-out Tour actually.

    1. Tom Wong

      It’s a long and torturous route that one, as inept and incompetent as any other branch of government/regulation, with a few big ‘drug busts’ announced from time to time to make it look like it’s going gangbusters.

      This is Ireland after all we don’t do white collar criminal law here in general.

      That was a good joke at the end there Giggidy it took me a while to get it actually :)
      It seems such a bizarre headline, I guess what other card has he left to play though, did he ever declare bankrupt or process his creditor debt in any orderly way or did he just leave them all out to dry like Mick Wallace?

  8. Matt Pilates

    Superb letter from Bari Weiss, resigning from the New York Times.

    “Rule One: Speak your mind at your own peril. Rule Two: Never risk commissioning a story that goes against the narrative. Rule Three: Never believe an editor or publisher who urges you to go against the grain. Eventually, the publisher will cave to the mob, the editor will get fired or reassigned, and you’ll be hung out to dry.”


    Together with the initial Harper’s letter, let’s hope we have reached a tipping point where the Woke Stasi in others media too (Irish Times, Guardian, RTE, and the rest) are long due their Come To Jesus Moment. Crash and burn baby.

    1. f_lawless

      An alternative take on Bari Weiss:


      ” (Weiss) has dedicated a significant portion of her adult life to destroying the careers of critics of Israel, tarring them as anti-Semites, and carrying out the kind of defamation campaigns that would result in her targets losing their jobs”

      “A closer look at the events surrounding Bari Weiss’ resignation suggests she omitted some critical details about her toxic presence inside the paper, and may have staged her resignation to drum up publicity for her next move…”

      1. Matt Pilates

        That’s absolutely of the same anti-semetic and anti-freedom of speech fascism that Weiss was complaining about.

          1. :-J

            +100% – Spot on…. Take a bow and carry on.. – Appreciation from the sane people…

            Some sane people, apparently only in the vocal minority… who know this has been going on for decades and more.. Who know weiss and many others like her are treacherous propaganda tools. A real virus, an idealogical cancer in media and on society as a whole.

            If you want to know what’s what with the ugly zionist side of Israel and jewry from an acedmic scholar and an intellectual and historical point of view , go and look up Prof. Norman Finkelstein. – his books, writing, interviews e.g. DemocracyNow.org etc. He is the authority on Israel that experts rely on and go to for the facts in their research, journalism, academia etc. and a healthy general awareness of reality.

            The internet has plenty of factual evidence detailing the various proven substantiated history about Shin Bet, IDF, Mossad, Black Cube etc but many are being hoodwinked by the idea of fear in being labeled as perpetuating conspiracy theory wrapped up in weaponised fake anti-semitimism as propaganda.

            Look at Corbyn’s smear campaign problems, the long standing, on-going conspiracy by Israeli interference in british politics, the history behind the epstein case and the even bigger story about the maxwell family enterprise of creating software companies for Israeli state spying on ‘murican citizens since the 80’s that’s only slowly coming to light… All of these stories reach back in decades and are just the most recently obvious examples..

            The Israeli embassy should be closed, the ambassador kicked out of the country and Coveny sacked for the never-ending, consistently for over half a century, long list of crimes by Israeli state zionism against the Palestinians.

            A bunch of Fascist, Racist Hypocrites… Well done F-f/g, you’re on the wrong side of history as usual.

            Cheers @f_lawless that got my mind and body moving, and my enthusiasm for a Monday mornin..

            I chave been asked politely to stop using the privacytools website in my name even though it’s not a commercial enterprise but just a non-profit public service info website… Anyone got any clever suggestions how I can put it in somewhere, somehow or even better than that.. encourage BS to add it to the front page as a link for the public good? Maybe even get them to remove the facederp link too… Anyone?… Thx in advance…


      2. Tom Wong

        That’s what I think as well, will she be going to join Andrew Sullivan at his weekly dish you think?

      1. Joe F

        Bozo and crime rampant in London old boy??
        Carer homes disgraceful remarks??
        What a wonderful human being your pal Bozo is old boy.
        Well done.

  9. SOQ

    I have referenced Maajid Nawaz before in relation to the Muslim grooming gangs in England and how he as a Muslim man was very outspoken against such.

    5 days ago he started a petition to secure a debate in the UK parliament to address the ongoing genocide of Uighur Muslim people in East Turkestan. He went on silent meditation and hunger strike near the Chinese Embassy in London to raise awareness- it required 100k signatures which has now been reached.

    Maajid done a live stream on Facebook today just before coming off hunger strike.

    “You are listening to the head of the World Uyghur Congress in London, Rahima Mahmut to whom I have gifted my voice so that she may speak for all #UigurUmmah”


    Why Rahima Mahmut did not speak directly is unknown you can be pretty certain there is a good reason. It is hard to hear what she is saying at times but she did reference a boycott of goods by companies accused of using Uighur slave labour- which reads like a who’s who of street retailers btw. She starts about 2 minutes in.

    1 million Uighur Muslim people have been incarcerated without trail by the Chinese Communist Party- up to 60 to a room, twenty four surveillance, torture and organ harvesting- absolutely horrendous. There is plenty of YouTube videos on the subject if you wish to look a bit deeper.


    1. Tom Wong

      Thanks for this SOQ
      I don’t often see eye to eye with your points on here but this is a decent cause for you to highlight

      1. SOQ

        You are welcome but let me be crystal.

        Croke Park should not be used for any sort of religious ceremony because the past is no excuse for the future.

        What is about to happen will only create division and those who made that decision should and will be called to account.

          1. SOQ

            As above-

            Croke Park should not be used for any sort of religious ceremony because the past is no excuse for the future.

            Also- you are welcome it appears- cheap seats obvs.

  10. Charger Salmons

    Jeez it’s warm out there.
    I can’t remember the last time I had more ice than gin in my glass.

  11. GiggidyGoo

    Quote of the week (in my book anyway) is Claire Byrne who gave this comment about being possibly considered to take ofer from Sean O’Rourke.

    “That job is two hours a day, five days a week, so it would be tough and I don’t know what it would mean for my TV show, so there’d be a lot of things to consider,” said Byrne.”

    My jeebes.

    1. Rosette of Sirius

      Cmon there Gigs. You know better than that. It’s easily a 30 hour week to put together a 2 hour show broadcast weekdays. On top of her other commitments and raising her young family with her husband, it’s got to be a significant decision.

      1. SOQ

        “… raising her young family with her husband.”- and there we have it.

        If I was employing Claire Byrne I wouldn’t give two frigs if she had six under six, four Savannah cats and three hyper active dobermans.

        Then again Miriam O’Callaghan set an RTÉ precedent on that score.

        1. Rosette of Sirius

          And clearly neither does her employer seeking as she’s under consideration for the slot. So we’re led to believe. But given that quote, and given her conflict about taking on such a responsibility, is it not reasonable for her to consider all aspects of her quality of life before deciding. And on that, did Miriam ever have such a commitment day to day while raising her very own Brady Bunch?

          1. Rosette of Sirius

            Personally I think they should. She’s great and honestly is and will be better than Byrne. But they won’t IMO. She’s a bit too hot and hard to handle.

      2. GiggidyGoo

        Rosette. She wouldn’t have to put it together. There’s a production team to do that. Neither Sean O Rourke did, nor Sarah McInerney does, have to decide what guests or articles are dealt with. The team present the presenter with the necessary information and guests, while the incumbent government parties decide the direction of the political parts of the show.

        1. Rosette of Sirius

          No presenter just pitches up for a couple of hours a day to present a two hour current affairs show. It just does not work that way. There’s an editorial process to contribute to and there are of course people to lead that. But the fundamental role of the host it to be extremely well versed on the subject in question. Especially if it is political or current in nature. That takes an awful of time to prepare for. So g’wan outta dat.

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