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  1. Charger Salmons

    Incoming alert.
    Just ten new cases and no deaths in a population of 5 million.
    Time to go to Defcon 1
    Let’s put up the price of drink so people really can’t get any enjoyment while we keep the pubs closed till August and shaft our tourist and hospitality businesses and scare the crap out of the population with spurious nonsense about a new ” surge ” and make them wear masks even though we’ve spent four months saying they’re useless.
    Kerching – that’ll be another billion or so on the bill.

    1. I'll be Bach

      But how is Boris doing in the polls?

      It feels like ages since we’ve had an update.

    2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      Masks are going to be mandatory in Melbourne, Australia, this week. I think they are long overdue here. It is frustrating that the experts have changed their tune. Czechia and other countries have low numbers. It has worked for Taiwan: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7270822/

      If they had done this months ago, things could be a lot better.

      1. Charger Salmons

        The cabinet decision on which countries Irish people will be able to visit without self-isolating on their return has been postponed.
        Until Mehole returns from a country that won’t be on that list.
        And he and all the people who travelled with him will be exempt from the restrictions anyway.
        Meanwhile most of the rest of Europe is open for business, has been for weeks and is not providing any evidence of a resurgence in infections.

        1. scottser

          you don’t have to whinge all the time. if you don’t want to wear a mask then don’t, but you shouldn’t be surprised when you’re not let into a shop, or someone asks you to get off a bus.

          1. Charger Salmons

            Aren’t you the clown who reckoned Ian Botham shot eagles and hawks but couldn’t provide any evidence for it ?
            Wearing a mask made from an old T-Shirt will not protect you from catching Covid-19.
            If it did why do you think frontline health workers wearing several masks,visors and gowns in medically ventilated isolation units still get infected ?
            Mandatory masks on public transport is a political decision based on quackery.

          2. scottser

            face coverings aren’t designed to protect you from getting it, they’re designed to stop you spreading it.

          3. Charger Salmons

            Has it crossed your pistachio-sized brain that if a Covid-19 virus can get through a mask to infect someone it can pass the other way as well ?
            While you’re deafened by the noise of your cranial cogs trying to work that one out perhaps you might put up that Botham link.

          4. scottser

            has it crossed yours that you can catch it through the eyes? when you wear a mask you’re at least not spreading it to someone else. but you crack on with your whingeing as i say, don’t come moaning on here when you catch it.

            i have that link ready. as soon as you apologise for being a complete numpty i’ll consider posting it up here.

          5. Charger Salmons

            Post the link feller.
            If you have the cojones.
            Somehow I don’t think you have.
            Or a link.
            Consider your bluff called.

          6. scottser

            are you going to apologise for being a numpty?
            cos otherwise you can do your own googling.
            or you know, get your latvian ‘gardener’ to do it.

          7. Charger Salmons

            Lad, you’re making yourself look silly now
            No link = No credibility.
            I don’t waste my time on amateurs.

    3. Charger Salmons

      Excellent news coming out of Blighty.

      ‘Oxford University’s Covid-19 vaccine is safe and provokes an immune reaction, findings of the first phases of the trial show.

      Hugely-anticipated clinical trial results today revealed that up to 100 per cent of people who were given the jab produced a ‘neutralising’ immune response to coronavirus.

      This means that there were strong signs in their blood that they could fight off the coronavirus if they were to catch it, but this has not yet been proven.

      Crucially, nobody has had any bad side effects from the vaccine and it is stimulating the immune system as scientists hoped it would.

      The Oxford vaccine is already being manufactured by AstraZeneca, based in Cambridge, and the UK Government has ordered 100million doses ahead of time.’

        1. Charger Salmons

          Any sign of an Irish vaccine ?
          And I don’t mean for an ingrowing toe-nail.

          1. Joe F

            Any sign of your pal Bozo doing anything about rampant crime old boy???
            Even Trump is saying its worse in UK than US!!
            You’re such a clown old boy.

          2. Joe F

            You really need to see someone about this inferiority complex old boy.
            I don’t understand why you constantly need to talk in a positive way about the UK. It screams inferiority complex old boy.
            I’d say you’re an avid reader of the Daily Express. Talk about a joke of a paper. It only reports positive stories about the Tory party and the UK in general. Turns a blind eye completely to anything negative. Obviously they’re very concerned about the dwindling force the UK is in world affairs, hence the necessity to talk up constantly, while ignoring everything else going on. It actually is very funny to read.
            Sound familiar old boy???

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Indeed! I am glad that, unlike so many, she lived to see herself vindicated.

      Rest in Peace

      1. GiggidyGoo

        And let us not forget either the contributions that Holohan, Harris and Varadkar made to this tragedy. Including the appeal to the high court judgement.

        We had an outpouring of Hero Holohan a few weeks ago, who gave his all to the Covid19 situation, being there to read statements on TV etc. Never, ever forget his contribution to the attempted cover up in the cervical cancer shame. And Harris and Varadkar then doing the normal FG thing of hounding people through the courts.

        Just don’t forget that.

        RIP Ruth. The true hero.

        1. Slightly Bemused

          I agree, and that is why I am happy that in spite of the obfuscations, and deliberate delaying tactics, the court upheld her position.
          Of course, the government never followed up on that ruling.
          I think the quiet anger and unsurprised betrayal in Paul’s statement speaks more loudly than any polemic.

          RIP Ruth, sincere condolences, Paul and Libby.

          1. Otis Blue

            It’s really extraordinary that neither the Government nor the HSE saw fit to apologise to Ruth Morrissey.

  2. Steph Pinker

    Yet another cervical cancer death.

    If anyone can explain why successive FFG governments aren’t responsible, I’d like to be informed.

    1. Cian

      It is quite simple. Smear tests aren’t 100% reliable (in fact in a well-run laboratory they are only about 80% reliable). They rely on humans looking at the slides for unusual cells. Humans are fallible. Sometime women who have cancer don’t have any cancerous cells smeared onto the slides.
      Cervical testing has been set up in various countries worldwide because a “quite good test” is better than no test. Cervical testing (with all its limitations) has saved countless lives worldwide.

      Dr Scally’s report into the Irish Cervical Check (and the labs used) says that it has similar false-negatives to any well run lab. The issue arose in Ireland because CervicalCheck has a policy of re-testing old slides whenever a positive test is found (after the woman is informed that she has cancer they retested older slides) – and realised that in some cases the old slides had been misread. Initially they said nothing about the earlier false negatives, but then when HSE was pushing open disclosure they started to tell the women’s doctors about the earlier false negatives. Some doctors told the women – others didn’t. The scandal is that Cervical Check didn’t inform the women directly.

      1. Janet, dreams of big guns

        Cian for a start female health in this country is a disgrace, In France a smear is recommended yearly as soon as you are sexually active and you see your gynecologist, not some random GP, here it is every three years if you test positive for HPV and recommend five if you don’t, female health care improves if you are pregnant of course because a baby matters more, even a simple downs test is elective however at 500 euros, again free and mandatory after a certain age in France. Any abnormalities in your smear you are told within 10 days and you are retested, here you are lied to because at best lack of professionalism and cutting corners and cost but more likely a combination of cowardice, meprise and morals in the toilet.

        1. Janet, dreams of big guns

          do you know what’s ” quite simple” fupping looking after people probably, it’s more simple and less painful and insulting than making excuses and being an apologist for the unforgivable, one of the first things I teach a child is to hold the hand up say I did it , I made a mistake, I’m sorry and how do I make it better, if a four year old can do it so can the government

          1. Janet, dreams of big guns

            as a child myself I didn’t get battered for a mistake but I did if I lied or made excuses about it, that’s the bigger crime.

          2. sidhe

            excellent comments Janet, all of them

            we have a long way to go to bring this country up to scratch in terms of healthcare, and in particular women’s healthcare

            there’s a laundry list of examples to illustrate the point and the cervical smear scandal is only the top of the pile

      2. Vanessanelle

        With all due respect Cian, you owe us an apology

        When the testing went out for tender back on 08
        And I know this as I was party to one of the combined bids
        When the US outfit was shortlisted and promoted as the preferred bidder
        The men in charge were advised it was a poor decision
        But rather than recognise that the US plan required an annual smear to maintain the required accuracy scope
        A financial decision was made
        Financial Cian
        Therefore I am entitled to say that money was prioritized over the lives of women

        And underbidders who alterted the Tender team in the HSE/ Cervical Check to this high risk testing regime (every three years versus annually) were sniggeringly told they were bad losers

        I would add other activities engaged to undermine the underbidders concerns
        But I’m in no humour to draw a particular publication onto myself, or Broadsheet

        The damage done cannot be rolled back or put right

        If I was born ten years later – I could so easily be one of those women today who relied on the Cervical Check screening programme.

        So don’t fúck with me on this

        When the screening went to the US labs the decision makers behind it knew they were running a high risk gauntlet

        So own it now
        And don’t insult us with pander and excuses
        You should be ashamed of yourself
        There are days when I admire your tenacity around here
        But there are days when you are so out of order, you stink of something rotten

        And this is one of them

        1. Cian

          I can only refer you to the Scally Report where Dr Scally says that the standards in the US were comparable to Ireland:

          – we have not identified any evidence that the laboratory services used in the past, or those currently in use by CervicalCheck, have provided, or are providing, a service which does not meet acceptable standards in their country of operation;
          – The two major accreditation standards applicable in different countries appear to be comparable and do not create any cause for concern in terms of the quality of laboratory services provided;

          and later on he addressed the canard about annual screening in the USA

          The issue of how frequently cervical screening should occur has been raised, with many references to annual cervical screening in the U.S. The U.S. did at one time have a general approach of annual cervical smears, but that was before the introduction of organised screening programmes. The official U.S. policy is now, and has been for some time, for cervical screening to be carried out at a three-year or five-year interval. This is not to do with the introduction of HPV vaccination, as has been erroneously stated, but because of the harm resulting from annual smears.


          1. Vanessanelle

            Hiding behind reports only makes you a bigger coward Cian

            Fact is it was a financial decision that betrayed Irish Women and their families

            And in the public service it is well established that not everything is a financial decision

          2. Cian

            I’m not hiding behind a report Vanessa. I am not a doctor. I can’t assess the quality of the laboratories.

            Dr Scally is qualified to do that. And he did. So I defer to his knowledge and expertise. If you think that makes me a coward – so be it.

            I do like facts. I do my best to link to my sources – and that allows people to decide how much weight to put into these facts.

          3. Vanessanelle

            On the matter of the entire Cervical Check scandal

            The outcomes deny your beloved facts and reports Cian

            You have no excuse or reason to maintain this defense
            It is nothing short of organised harassment

            A decision(s) was made to betray, cod and fool Women
            And it was done for financial reasons
            A main player behind, under and over, all the other institutional abuse stories that make up our history

            The measure of the callousness towards Irish Women, doesn’t get anymore extreme than the last Government permitting Tony O’Brien to take up a commercial directorship while still in the HSE.

            Wishing him well n’ the like
            A pat on the back.

            The lack of regard for Irish Women by the scale of the unaccountability of those that had these decisions in their hands is no different to all the other abuses in the history of our State.

            Go F::: Yourself Cian

          4. Vanessanelle

            There is no differ
            At all
            There never can be

            You are attempting to provide alibis for people who are responsible for not just causing harm to women, and putting them in danger, but also causing the deaths, which could have been avoided of one too many

            You have a very sick vocation Cian.

          5. Cian

            No. We do differ.

            The simple fact is that a screening service will never save 100% of people. Ever. Regardless of how well run it is, regardless of how many people subscribe to it, regardless of how much money is spent.

            Cervical Check has saved 1000s of women lives.

          6. Vanessanelle

            Who says its 100% Cian


            But the issue here goes back to the original tender

            For the same accuracy standards to be met by the US labs, screening was required annually
            Annually Cian

            Not every three years

            Which was what we were dragged into
            To save money
            Not lives

            And I’m the last person that needs to be told Screening, properly conducted, works for the majority

          7. Cian

            “For the same accuracy standards to be met by the US labs, screening was required annually”

            Says you. I don’t believe you. I believe Dr Scally.

            The issue of how frequently cervical screening should occur has been raised, with many references to annual cervical screening in the U.S. The U.S. did at one time have a general approach of annual cervical smears, but that was before the introduction of organised screening programmes. The official U.S. policy is now, and has been for some time, for cervical screening to be carried out at a three-year or five-year interval. This is not to do with the introduction of HPV vaccination, as has been erroneously stated, but because of the harm resulting from annual smears.

          8. Vanessanelle

            I don’t care what you believe Cian

            With the miss rate of the US labs process and delivery
            Screening required to be conducted more regularly to reduce the incidence of missing the diagnosis, and missreading the samples from the same patient, again and again
            Keeping fingers crossed that nothing would happen to the missed cells within the three years before the next smear is not a policy that was anywhere within the original tender.

            And I don’t care how many reports you want to put up between me and the Government/ HSE / Cervical Check teams of the day
            I was there
            I heard it myself

            The US module required Annual Testing to achieve the minimum acceptable misses
            And what was promised by the other bidders

            The Yanks were cheaper
            And that was all that mattered

          9. Vanessanelle


            And do you know who else got a Doctor’s report to wave in front of people to say he did nothing wrong

            Michael Neary

            T’was the IMO themselves threw him out

          10. Cian

            Are you suggesting the Scally Report was a stitch up?

            Frankly I’m astounded that you are comparing the Scally Report to the Michael Neary review. Neary got to choose both the doctors conducting the review and the sample of cases they reviewed.

            A simple question for you: Do you think the Scally Report is trustworthy?

          11. Vanessanelle

            I’m not going toe to toe with you while all you have are reports after the fact
            To shuffle and swat unwanted criticism away

            The decision to award the tender for the smear swabs to a US lab that’s own testing results relied on annual repeats to validate it’s assertions and promises is where this scandal got its spark

            Nothing to do with reports
            Or court cases

            A decision was made to put Women’s lives at significant risk
            To save money
            That was the risk they took

            Hiding it onto reports doesn’t change the decision made to bring a US factory lab in

          12. Vanessanelle

            How can I possibly agree to a cordial differ Cian

            A decision was made that actually cost lives
            They knowingly made a decision that was high risk from the start
            Using a factory lab process that required annual rechecks to reach compliance standards and acceptable quality assurance
            But applied to a three year repeat screening programme

            They played roulette with Women’s lives over those years

            There is nothing to differ over

            Women are dead
            Women are sick and suffering with a Cancer that is treatable on early detection
            Women trusted our screening programme
            Lucky for you you’ve never had to

            Which actually explains why these reports are more important to you
            And not that they took the cheaper option

            Ask Tony O’Brien what he knew back in 08 & 09
            That confirmation of active cells were down by a third
            And if that variation wasn’t enough, how about being told an expected 1000 smears a year would be misdiagnosed by the US labs

            1000 per year Cian
            X Three years in every cycle of screening

            + 1000 Women were knowingly put at risk for every new financial year

          13. Cian

            We differ because I seek evidence.

            Without evidence you are just a random person on the internet saying things that are different to the evidence I have seen. Unless you can up with something better that “I worked on a counter-bid and they won because money”… especially when cost was such a small proportion of the overall tender process. Sorry – your story doesn’t add up.

            Oh, in 2008 the US labs performed 25,000 tests. in 2009 it was 167,000; in 2010 it was 177,000; So your number of 1000-false results per year is just another thing that doesn’t make any sense.

          14. Charger Salmons

            Cian – I have no dog in this fight.
            But I admire your request that you and another poster should agree to differ without rancour.
            And that any disagreement should at least be evidence based.
            Why people resort to the language and behaviour they indulge in online that they would never dream of doing face-to-face is genuinely beyond me.
            Common civility is in such short supply these days.I’m sure this Vanessanelle person is perfectly sociable in real life.

          15. Cian

            None of “dead Women, and Court Reports, Dispatches and Judgements” support your theory over Dr Scally.
            The labs aren’t paying millions because they were running to your alleged “lower standard”. They are paying because they failed to defect cancers that they should.

            The HSE contracted the labs to provide a service at a specific level (defined by HSE). The labs failed to achieve this level and are paying for it.

          16. Cian

            The labs are paying (money) for it.
            I agree that Irish women are also paying for the lab’s mistakes.

            Are you suggesting that if the labs had been in Ireland that none of this would have happened?

    2. jamesjoist

      It would seem that you know òf no other form of fatal cancer . Do a little research , it is a shocking thing for people to die of cancer but you are losing perspective.

  3. bisted

    …wall to wall demonisation of China…even if Huawei were guilty of all the things they are suspected of they still wouldn’t come close to the mass surveillance perpetrated by the US/UK that was exposed by Snowden and Assange…it wasn’t China who hacked Frau Merkle’s phone…

    1. scottser

      we all have to have someone to hate and i’m happy enough to take it out on the chinese tbh.

      1. bisted

        …the Chinese and Russians are well able to look after themselves…funny to watch the machinations of the islamaphobic racists on Broadsheet jump to the defence of the Uigher muslims in China…wrong type of islam I suppose…

    2. Junkface

      @bisted. China surpassed the surveillance levels of USA and UK a few years ago. A Chinese person can not walk around anywhere in a Chinese city without being facially recognised by cameras with specially designed software. They live under the authoritarian rule of the CCP, therefore they have no real freedom or privacy when walking around outside of their houses. That is such a nightmare that its hard to even imagine the level of internal paranoia and fear. During the first stages of the covid 19 outbreak in China some citizen journalists made reports from health centres in Wuhan. The next day they were all missing, some of them even uploaded the final knock on their doors (from military men) with a live stream. Grim.

      1. bisted

        …facial recognition cameras have been deployed in London for years…years ago every call between Ireland and England was monitored manually…if they picked up any keyword they would disconnect your call hoping you would call back and pinpoint the locations that way…much simpler nowadays…mind you…maybe that’s why all the Chinese wear facemasks…

  4. dav

    Waterford Doctor accosted for wearing a mask in public.

    “Dr Mick Molloy, who is a Former President of the Irish Medical Organisation, says that he was approached yesterday in Waterford while wearing he was wearing a mask.
    He was told that wearing masks to protect against Covid-19 can have negative effects on your immune system and can adversely affect a person’s oxygen intake…
    One of the statements on the information is that make you suffer from low oxygen.
    “If that were the case, then every surgeon, neurosurgeon, orthopaedic surgeon would be suffering from low oxygen all the time because they’re operating wearing masks – which is just plain ridiculous”

      1. dav

        Not with the covid conspiracy theorists who believe wearing a mask reduces oxygen levels.

        1. Rosette of Sirius

          I wonder what the position of our very own tin foil hat wearing residents here will be?

        2. Daisy Chainsaw

          They need to blame something for their stupidity. Vaccines, chemtrails, 5g and now masks starving their brains of oxygen.

          Next week it’ll be something else like lawnmowers or pasta.

          1. Junkface

            Chemtrails was something I couldn’t believe the first time someone told me about it, as a conspiracy I mean. It’s so utterly stupid! The 5G conspiracies linked to covid 19 are not far behind that madness. Everyone should go back to school!

  5. goldenbrown

    EU leaders in bitter clash over Covid-19 recovery package

    (of which we will be net contributors)

    The Netherlands is seeking reassurance that commonly issued debt will be properly spent and wants the ability to hold back disbursements where there are governance concerns.

    “They would like to introduce a new mechanism that didn’t exist until now,” Orbán told reporters, of the Dutch proposal for a country to be able to stop funding to member states undermining the rule of law. “I think it is questionable whether it has a basis in the treaty at all. I am coming from an ex-communist country. When the communist regime decided to attack us, they use unclarified legal terms exactly as the same as written in the proposal of the Dutch man … Saying ‘general deficiencies’. When I was arrested by the police and I asked them what I had done which is illegal, they say general deficiencies. What the fuck does it mean?”

    have to admit that’s pretty no-nonsense talk right there, I can see why he’s so well liked at home

    1. scottser

      it means they’re not going to give an equal share to countries that don’t obey the rule of law, like hungary.

    2. Junkface

      The summary is : Northern European countries culturally save money, southern European countries culturally blow money.

      So they have to meet somewhere in the middle when organising loans and repayments.

      1. Johnny

        Nicely put Aidan-time think outside the box,go BIG Ireland.

        “Here’s how it works. The government issues a 20 year fixed interest rate bond that amounts to the equivalent of 10 per cent of gross national income. This equals around €30 billion. The Irish state could issue this type of long term bond tomorrow at effectively zero per cent. If you adjust for inflation, it would mean that the markets will pay the government to do it.

        Taking this sum of money, the government would create a rigorously independent body to oversee the creation of a new national wealth fund. The board of the fund would employ various asset management experts to invest the money on behalf of the state. They would be mandated to generate a capital return of anything between 4-8 per cent per annum.

        Basic mathematics would suggest that the probability of the Irish state generating a return greater than 0 is high. And anything above 0 means the state can pay off the debt while creating wealth and value for its citizens. If the compound interest return to the people’s wealth fund was 5 per cent, the Irish state could repay the debt issued to create the fund in less than 15 years. After this point, all capital returns go back to Irish society.”


    1. Charger Salmons

      It certainly is.
      A cracking denouement to the Test at Old Trafford, the sun is shining and the first gin and tonic of the day is not long off.
      What a time to be alive.

  6. Matt Pilates

    @Bodger – what”s the story with being in moderation for: “Great day again!”

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Some possible reasons for this are:

    First time posting with this email address – Nope
    More than two links – Nope
    You’ve triggered our crude filter and a human needs to look at it. – Some filter that catches “Great day again”
    You’re on Santa’s naughty list – She doesn’t exist.

    Note that we’re not online 24/7 so your comment may not be approved for a little while.


    1. Bodger

      Matt, I’ve just seen this. Sorry. Nothing personal. We’ve been having issues with it. I will advise Chompsky.

  7. Johnny

    -after a intense lobbying effort Aurora got approved to sell its horribly overpriced product in Ireland to long sick and suffering medical cannabis patients.

    -Aurora Cannabis Enterprises Inc., 4439 Township Road 304, Cremona, Alberta, Canada, T0M 0R0-

    -announced this morning they closing Europe….you cant make this stuff up-its simple CBD oil FFS-allow every patient to grow 6 plants its that easy !

    “Aurora told its employees last week that it will shut its offices in Portugal, Spain, and Italy while reducing its European workforces by one-quarter in select countries and its regional office, the memo said. The Edmonton-based company will shift its European headquarters from Germany to its Denmark office while acquiring the remaining 49 per cent of its Danish business that it doesn’t already own, the company said. ”


  8. Johnny

    ..the ‘new’ greens nah same old sell outs,Ryan sold out suffering patients for a few bob today and a pension tomorrow,shameful stuff by these old codgers who’s days are numbered.

    “Under the party’s new drug strategy policy, it is calling for the introduction of Dutch-style “coffee shops” to Ireland that would allow the consumption and sale of cannabis for over-18s under certain conditions.

    The party is also proposing that criminal offences be removed for people over the age of 18 for possessing less than five grams of cannabis, and for access to cannabis-based medicines be permitted.

    It also wants to allow individuals to grow up to two cannabis plants in their own home for personal use.”


    1. Johnny

      – Steve Vladeck is a professor of law at the University of Texas School of Law and editor of the Journal of National Security Law & Policy,he’s written one of the best takes on the feds in Portland.

      -most people view these over reactions by the feds as political and an abuse of power,many are eagerly awaiting the congressional hearings.

      -Steve lays out here the laws underpinning these actions.


      1. Johnny

        -a generation defining image-many have already changed profile pics etc to this-who’s streets OUR STREETS !

        “PORTLAND, Ore. — She emerged as an apparition from clouds of tear gas as federal agents fired pepper balls at angry protesters in the early Saturday darkness.

        A woman wearing nothing but a black face mask and a stocking cap strode toward a dozen heavily armed agents attired in camouflage fatigues, lined up across a downtown Portland street. The agents, dispatched by the Trump administration over vociferous objections of state and city officials, are part of a force that has fired projectiles at and detained activists protesting nightly since the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police May 25.

        “Numerous photos and videos posted on Twitter show the unidentified woman as she halted in the middle of the street at about 1:45 a.m. She stood calmly, a surreal image of human vulnerability in the face of an overpowering force that has been criticized nationally by civil rights advocates.”

        OUR STREETS !


  9. Johnny

    …the savior the second coming the messiah as far as FG concerned-cancelled in US-made almost billion flipping BofI paper, thanks blueshirts!

    “Kennedy Wilson and Fairfax, two north American investment companies that profited hugely from depressed asset prices in Ireland following the financial recession, have set up a $2bn (€1.8bn) investment fund to target commercial mortgage opportunities here, the west coast of America and Britain.


    “Canada-based Fairfax Financial is the largest insurer backing the for-profit bail industry. We urge its CEO and Chairman Prem Watsa to divest and stop supporting the exploitation and oppression of Black and Brown people.”

  10. Charger Salmons

    Guy Fawkes Lives Matter
    A woman was shot dead when she followed official advice by confronting a group of people setting off illegal fireworks rather than call police, her mum claims.

    Shatavia Walls was shot eight times after she asked the group to stop setting off fireworks near a playground in Brooklyn, New York.


    Meanwhile, in other Black Lives Matter-related news …

    Only 70 people shot and 10 killed in Chicago this weekend.

    Way to go bros.

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