Eamon Ryan and Catherine Martin last night

Last night.

Brooks Hotel, Dublin 2.

Eamon Ryan won 994 votes to leadership challenger Catherine Martin’s 946 in a ballot of Green Party members.

Eamon Ryan said:

“It was a really close result. There is no two ways about that. The result could have gone either way. I will reflect on that.”

Catherine Martin said:

“There was diversity of opinion about going into coalition and about the programme for Government and that has been expressed but I believe we need to welcome those differences of opinion and be a welcoming space.

In relation to members that have left, I think it is very important that we engage with them.

I’ll be inviting them to talk to us and I’ll be asking them to stick with us.

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13 thoughts on “Green Room

  1. GiggidyGoo

    She’s trying to give him the elbow in that photo.

    Anyway – the people who have left won’t be coming back. They can engage all they like, but the membership figures, and the voting figures, speak for themselves.

  2. Vanessanelle

    Dangerously close

    Which tells us that the Green Party are not as United and friendly as they let on; and it’s not just a handful of members having a moan either – two very obvious and almost equally strong factions.
    Trouble ahead there

    And in fairness The Pheonix last week predicted the Eamonn would just about scrape it

    From my own perspective it was a lost opportunity for The Green Party,
    But that that number of voting members rowed in behind Eamonn Ryan who clearly has no clout with MM or Leo
    Or even their respect
    And who made them a laughing stock only last week
    Kinda gives me the notion they’re not as all that progressive and courageous as they’re letting on

    I was in the company of two of their members, top table now, only there on Tuesday night. And I can tell ye it was as obvious as Bodger’s all-seeing-blind-spot that they have far bigger plans for themselves – plans that don’t include what Eamonn Ryan says, or indeed what Catherine Martin envisions for The Green Party.

    They were blatantly Haughey’ish with their appearance and manoeuvres.
    Call me cynical, but I’ve see this before with the late Brian Lenihan and Patricia Ryan, as well as Mr & Mrs MM, the Kenny lovebirds, and with the late Sean Ardagh and Maire Ardagh. Even the jokes were the same ….
    Good times (◠‿◕)

  3. Smith

    No wonder the purists are leaving in their droves. Ryan and Martin now singing the “I feel like chicken tonight” jingle. Power corrupts.

    1. f_lawless

      ..botties? hmm ‘not knowing your botty from your elbow’ doesn’t have quite the ring :p

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