Retired UFC Fighter Or Late Polemical Dramatist?



He was a red

And a ginger.


George Bernard Shaw

8 thoughts on “Retired UFC Fighter Or Late Polemical Dramatist?

  1. d

    That multi-retired ufc figher comes nowhere near the greatness of Bernard Shaw. They should never be mentioned in the same sentence after my sentence above ever again. im going to consider if my life is boring enough for me to think about the pub in Portobello, Dublin named after Shaw was appropriate or not.

    1. bisted

      …wasn’t that fond of the Irish either…once wrote that if you tied a random Irishman to the stake you’d always find another to light the match…btw…is rancid worse than rabid…Charlie ‘friend of israel’ Flanagan’s da was a rabid antisemite…

        1. Rosette of Sirius

          Rancid suggests rotting flesh and maggots so it’s all pretty nasty all the same.

      1. Cú Chulainn

        That’s a quote from Geraldus Grimbremus (check spelling) c.late 1100’s. GBS was proudly Irish. Didn’t suffer fools, including the little nationalists, easily.. he should be commended for that..

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