Exile On Main Streams


Luke Bloom

His name is Luka.

Guess you’ve never streamed him before?

Via Hot Press:

‘The presentation of my appeal as some sort of political statement against streaming is nonsense.

I had no desire to make a stand against anyone.

My appeal was clear. If people wish to experience my record, all I ask is that they actually buy it from actually me; because I actually generated the songs and the momentum, and paid all the people who helped get the record done, over a period of 2 years.

My only motivation in this appeal was clear and simple. I need the money.

And my experience of streaming of music through my working life is that it contributes literally nothing to my work. And then takes the streamed income and pockets it. I have no problem with that at all. it’s just that I have no desire to avail of this ‘service’.

But respect those who do.’


Luka Bloom reveals that his new album won’t be available on Spotify & other streaming services (Hot Press)

9 thoughts on “Exile On Main Streams

  1. Matt Pilates

    Seems reasonable provided people know his music is available for purchase and can then decide to buy on merit.

  2. Kevin Higgins

    Luka ? In school we called him Barry (Moore) who had a big brother called Christy who sang a bit.
    But he is dead right.

  3. OJohnny Keenan

    Unforunately, in general, if people have the opportunity to get something for free they won’t pay for it.

    As Luka said, he paid everyone directly who helped make the record. So why shouldn’t people pay him directly to listen to it.

    You wouldn’t go into a shop and walk out with a loaf of bread. If you did it would be called stealing.

    Education and shaming on a national level is what’s required, to 9help our creatives.
    In order to get people to respect artists who create art with albums, fans and interested parties need to pay for it.

    That way starving artists will be able to put bread on their table, without having to steal it.

  4. deco

    Fair play to this man for taking a stand against the algo-addicted streaming generation , I am absolutely going to buy his album from him.

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