In The Wars


This morning.

Gardaí seized this rusty and scuffed firearm following a search at a property in St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2 yesterday afternoon.

Word to your mother: Look after your shooter and your shooter will look after you.

Name that ‘piece’, anyone?


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      1. Andrias

        Dont think it is a Makarov – or maybe a CZ version? The lower frame beneath the muzzle looks too squared – Makarov slanted upwards from my recollection.

        1. Con Kennedy

          It was the flare grip and markings above the hammer that made me think it’s a Marakov. Similar to the Colt Defender

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Reminds me of an incident with a friend of mine a number of years back. He was clearing out his mother’s house before she moved out, and under the insulation in the attic found an old rifle. It was apparently his grandfather’s in the War of Independence and later Civil War. As the house did not date from that time, it would be interesting to know how it came to be there.

    He asked me to drop it in to the Gardai on his behalf. So off I go to the Garda station in Naas (hometown one was closed) and take out the rifle, holding it carefully so as not to be threatening. Let’s just say it got the attention of the duty Guard immediately.

    Note to self: if going to hand in a firearm, ring ahead so they expect you and are not nervous.

    After I explained the circumstances, and given the condition of the rifle, they sort of just chuckled, and took possession. No idea what they did with it, but I imagine it was destroyed.

    1. goldenbrown

      would that not have been worth something in the antiquity sense?
      I recall some lad on the antiques roadshow being quoted £50k for an old Colt 45…

  2. James M.Chimney

    A Sig? A very scruffy Walther? The hammer’s different, the trigger’s different. Slide’s off too.

    Slide guard is reminiscent of a Sig P226. It’s a Sig unless Janet tells me differently. It’s to old looking to be a Sig though.

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      it’s an odd one,old but it’s not antique either, reminds me off the cuff of a Beretta, I’d need to send the image up the chain of command ;)

      1. Janet, dreams of big guns

        the brother says it’s a 1911 compact, I’ll defer to his expertise

        1. Janet, dreams of big guns

          I have been told that although there are no markings and they were made by lots of different companies but essentialy they were a reduced colt 45 1911 model. Sig made one colt actually came late to the party in the 80’s and like I said it’s not antique

  3. John Davis

    “a property”

    Homeless accommodation actually. Adds a slightly different slant to the story.

  4. alickdouglas

    Oho, that was tricky. It’s a Spanish vaguely 1911 knockoff from the 1970s, a Star BM. There’s no grip safety, as you would have on a 1911, and it has a funky Browning GP style hammer. 9mm apparently, Started making them in the 1970s, couldn’t be newer than the 1990s when the Spanish firearms industry folded. It’s in really rough condition given that it’s not that old… Bodger, can you ask the Guards to give us both sides of the firearms, it’s much easier that way… : D

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