9 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. DeSelby

    A new bus stop placed behind an old bus stop. View obscured, two poles. Surely the NTA would remove the old bus stop, and place the new one in its place, as the new route was ready to operate? Would that be too efficient? Is there any end to this quangos incompetence?

  2. Cian

    Its the new stop design but someone seems to have inverted the route and put the Blanchardstown routes on Maynooth signs

    The old DB pole will be removed.

        1. Cian

          The Smart phoneboxes is an odd one. Some councils are STILL acting as if someone will appear from nowhere to insist they own them and are going to use them; but other councils removed them years and years ago. Even Kildare who are usually indecisive to useless lopped them down.

  3. dan

    The old pole is fitted using a plate in the ground. It could have been removed and a new pole slotted in but no, the contractor has been paid to fit a new plate.

    That’s a couple of thousand euro down the tubes, well done TFI.


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