12 thoughts on “If The Rona Doesn’t Get You

  1. spud

    Learning point – always be the person furthest away from the car so others take the impact.

    Also, cars evil.
    Drivers good.

  2. Your Home Correspondent

    I like how they indicate the over 70’s with underlying conditions using the red colour.

  3. Whatbboutery

    I cant read this as i drive. Also on the wrong side of the bin.
    This is signage for pedestrians

    1. Cian

      Drivers can also be pedestrians too!
      Signs like this would be a distraction if aimed at drivers while driving.

  4. spud

    This ad is really annoying me the more I look at it.
    Apart from the ‘facts’, what message is it saying?

    Drivers, don’t knock down pedestrians?
    Pedestrians, don’t walk on the road?

    Road safety messages have evolved and got creative around the world.
    Some of the RSA agency stuff has been good.
    But this is just so so poor.

    1. Cian

      If you drive at 30kmph and hit a pedestrian – they have a 90% chance of surviving.
      If you drive at 60kmph and hit a pedestrian – they have a 10% chance of surviving.

      Slow down if there are pedestrians about.

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