Calming Measures


A trial of new blockades on the road in the form of bollards and plant boxes at Grangegorman Lower, Dublin 7.

The worm may have turned on the motorist.

But can a cyclist have too many bollards?

Via The Dublin Inquirer:

The nine bollards with five plant boxes directly behind them is a traffic calming measure known as filtered permeability.

Filtered permeability measures are used to stop cars using a road while still allowing cyclists and pedestrians to pass through.

“Drivers are no longer able to use this route as a shortcut from North Circular Road to the Quays, and vice versa,” a spokesperson for the Dublin City Council Covid Mobility team said in a trial update which was presented at the June Central Area Committee meeting.

So far, the installation of the bollards has divided the opinions of locals. Some say that the street is safer and more pleasant while others say they are struggling to get around and add that they were not consulted on their implementation

Trial Run of Filtered Permeability Measures in Grangegorman Sees Mixed Response From Locals (Donal Corrigan, Dublin Inquirer)

Pic: Donal Corrigan/Dublin Inquirer

7 thoughts on “Calming Measures

  1. AlexG

    What is the difference between a route and a shortcut. people have been using this route between the North Circular and the Quays for decades but when they want to close it they they call it a shortcut. The language shows the bias at the beginning of this trial.

  2. Scundered

    Way too many bollards being used in many places, especially Blackrock, no need for them, hopefully it’s just a temporary shock measure until people get used to the layout

  3. Joe

    Were local residents consulted on the cack handed eyesores? Were local residents advised that their commuting times would be seriously damaged? Whatever joke DCC traffic engineer allowed these killer cycling traps to be installed should be sacked forthwith. I expect the local TD’S to be busy if they hope to hang onto their seats

  4. Broadbag

    The cycling mafia strike again, their ”temporary measures” look fairly permanent around Dun Laoghaire and Blackrock. Everyone on a bike now! The bus is full and we’ve taken your roads, so there, on yissiser bikes!

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