Never Saw The Light Of Day

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August, 1981.

The first-ever Irish Times colour supplement.

Produced by the paper’s Special Reports Department, edited by Niall Fallon.

To be auctioned at Adam’s on August 10:

This edition of the Irish Times Supplement magazine was in fact never circulated.

The interesting choice of a cover image of a photograph by Tom Lawlor of a supermarket in Cap d’Agde naturist resort in France clearly did not gain the approval of the Major Tom McDowell, the editor [Managing Director, actually] of the newspaper at the time of publication…

…It is understood that he ordered for the copies to be destroyed and the publication of the edition halted. The work of Niall Fallon’s department was never to see the light of day, with the Irish public spared from such indecency….

UPDATE: A male customer (at top), a Purdey-coiffed ladyperson or a fluid mix of both genders? [see comments]

The First Irish Times Colour Supplement (Invaluable)

30 thoughts on “Never Saw The Light Of Day

    1. Brother Barnabas

      it’s an oddly flabby bottom for what seems to be a young lad

      more of a 1990s than a 1980s phenomenon

        1. f_lawless

          I think it’s actually a woman. Higher fat distribution on the bottom and maybe the thighs. Protruding nipple would highly unusual for a young man of that weight

  1. Junkface

    He could get his flopilly dopilly caught in the trolley. Ouch! Surely a pair of shorts would make life easier there

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      the thing with nudist colonies and resorts is that you have to carry a towel around all the time so you can sit down for hygiene purposes, I don’t mind being nuddie but carrying a towel is more of an inconvenience than wearing some briefs in my experience

          1. Janet, dreams of big guns

            I have told you leave the miss kitty bag at home, leather is more appropriate in public ;)

  2. James M.Chimney

    It’s a lady sporting a Johnny Logan hairstyle which was quite popular after his 1980 Eurovision win.

  3. :-Joe

    I think some of you are missing the point… If there really is a point to it all by Bodger?..

    It’s clearly a perfectly normal looking woman at the cash register…

    The weirdness going on is the man “looking into the light” in the background..
    – The clue is that Bodger gives good pun… as always, fair play.

    It looks like the auld lad has womens legs… or a woman propping up a much older looking male top-half of her body..

    I’m not sure if it’s a bi-gender transplant situation with top and bottom a la face off..

    Also, is it a captured moment of a transition to the afterlife or if he/she lived past this moment.. Portal?.. Aliens?.. God?..

    So many unanswered questions… Will we ever know the truth?

    Eh, good luck deciding, I’ve seen too much I’m done with it !



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