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A campaign aimed at the 3,500 pubs across Ireland which had been expecting to reopen next week,

The majority of pubs will now have to keep their doors shut for a minimum of 168 days…

…which represents 46% of a year.

The LVA and the VFI said the “sympathy” being expressed by the Government figures will not save pub businesses or jobs.

This is the second time in three weeks that the Government has delayed the reopening of the pubs. The Government is also yet to publish the guidelines for how these pubs will be expected to operate…..

550 Pubs say they will reopen on Aug 15th against Government Guidelines (John Daly, An Síbín)

35 thoughts on “Early Doors

  1. Col

    I’ve never defended any government on here before…. but…
    are you kind of damned if you do, damned if you don’t here? Like, the best thing would be to get the cases down to zero and then seal the borders (like NZ), but we can’t really do that due to NI and all.
    A lot of people are screaming for everything to be open or everything to be closed, but I can’t see a decent way forward.

  2. newsjustin

    Lol at the photo they used to promote opening in defiance of regulations around maintaining social distance.

  3. The Old Boy

    Really? From a website that was registered in the US ten days ago, that provides no information about its ownership or editorial control and whose only source is an anonymous twitter account that re-tweets the National Party and Irexit and encourages people to report “anti-Irish racism”?

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        The source is a bigot! If you believe over 500 pubs contacted an anonymous account that normally spews racist drivel to tell it that they’d be opening next weekend, then I have some beachfront property in Athlone for you.

    1. class wario

      wouldn’t be surprised to see this become the latest faux-cause the far right adopt in order to recruit/rabble rouse

    2. goldenbrown

      I’m with you Old Boy

      that freshly minted website is fairly obvious and it appears to have just successfully purchased a bit of publicity using some old rope…hardest game in the world being an editor as Matt Pilates might say if there was a motor-related story tie in ;)

      their “Podcast (coming soon)” will no doubt be a cracking feature to look forward to, not. I reckon I might be able to hazard a guess at who might make its guest list.

      ah shure, yet more internet nonsense to add to the blacklist

  4. Hector Rameriz

    Reopen the pubs…. they can’t stop us all.

    Just take names of pubs and refuse licence renewal at next round. Let’s see them cry into their empty glasses then…

      1. Cian

        Probably not.
        People will still spend their euros – so the VAT we be got from different places.
        Similarly, people will still by the gargle – off licence/supermarket – the government still gets the excise duty.

        The only risk is that people would drink less (less excise) and spend money abroad (no VAT)

    1. SOQ

      Yes well- if I was a publican about to close up shop for good, I would not be too bothered about next years license- surviving this year would be my priority.

  5. SOQ

    Two pints – pints- gettit?

    The pubs which are already open are extracting the urine. Anecdotal evidence maybe but plenty of stories of faked receipts and plates speedily appearing when guards are rumored to be in the vicinity.

    ‘Wet’ pubs are not supposed to be open in the north but plenty are- and in the border region, doing a big southern trade too.

    The only reason for food was that it was a means of easing back into it without a spike in cases. And yet, opening wet pubs in England does not appear to have made any real difference.

    1. Hector Rameriz

      Nope there was no go ahead for pubs (wet or not) the acting CMO clarified it last week in his presser with G’ment. NPHET recommended restaurants open, those pubs with attached restaurant licences rode all over that advice. But the government didn’t push back and here is where we are…

      1. SOQ

        Pubs with restaurant licenses are just as entitled to open as restaurants and besides, even when taking the mick- did it really make any difference? None- not one iota.

        I genuinely think some people get off on this authoritarian bull poo.

  6. Junkface

    Surely in rural pubs there would be more space around the outside of the pub so it could open seating in a car park, or neighbouring garden/ field. Its a difficult situation, but people working in that industry need help in earning something. They did it in parts of the UK, why aren’t they trying it?

    1. jibjob

      You do realise that in the UK, after the numbers of cases has been going up, that members of Sage (the equivalent of Nphet) are proposing that pubs should close again so that schools can reopen?

      1. SOQ

        You do realise that such up figures are specific to particular BAME communities who are renown for not social distancing?

        This is the opposite to flu- children are the least likely to catch, least like to get sick and least likely to pass it on.

          1. SOQ

            I said particular BAME communities are renown for not social distancing- what part of PARTICULAR do you not understand?

            Have Black Lesbians Matter arrived?

          2. sidhe

            so I’ll rephrase

            how exactly are these BAME communities not renowned for their social distancing?

            I’m failing to see how is your comment anything other than an offensive generalisation of an entire community to be honest

          3. paddy apathy

            SOQ can’t be reasoned with or persuaded to examine alternatives to what he believes. He’s a true expert on Covid.

  7. ian-oh

    Grand so, let them open, pack em in, no masks, no social distancing.

    On one condition – no hospital treatment if you get sick. None, choke at home thank you.

    Some of us have no choice, some of us (me) have a short term condition that would have been sorted by now but for the pandemic, a condition that while not overly serious (for now) has left me with a very weakened immune system to the point I was told in no uncertain terms that a covid 19 infection would be ‘catastrophic’, so after waiting since April for my surgery, I’d prefer not to wait any longer because someone was gagging for a pint.

    Selfish me, huh? But those lads gagging for a pint, patriots, one and all!


    1. bisted

      …I miss my pint…I miss my pub…I blame loads of people for standing between me and my bar…but none of them are you ian-oh…if I never have a pint again I love the solidarity that you will never knowingly do any harm to me nor me to you…

    2. SOQ

      While I emphasize with your condition- taking other people’s freedoms away will not change that. As for your medical treatment being rescinded, perhaps you should be asking why- because the CoVid-19 patients are not the reason, the numbers simply do not add up. I had a family member in Cavan general in the middle of this scaremongering nonsense btw.

      It is a virus- it is going to do it’s thing. Trying to prevent such is like trying to block the wind. It came and it went- will it come back? Time will tell but once thing is for certain- non scientific compulsory masking and banning young healthy people from interacting is so stupid that some look elsewhere for reasons.

      1. Hector Rameriz

        Will it come back… judging by the numbers for past week, it’s giving it a shot anyway. Would love to see the correlation between reopening of restaurants (bars/restaurants) and the current rising numbers?

        1. SOQ

          The more testing the more cases and sure the nursing home fatalities were mainly from Fine Gael families who couldn’t be bothered looking after them in the first place?

    3. sidhe

      have to agree with you ian-oh

      sincerely hope you find yourself seen to by your hospital and not the worse for Covid-19

  8. bisted

    …it seems a pity that the first person in after this comment is the first person who made house parties a thing before they even were a thing…

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