Behold: the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 Coupe – a supercar from the man who designed the original supercar of supercars.

The 653bhp T.50 is powered by a 4.0l Cosworth V12, capable of an ear-splitting 12,500rpm. No wings, splitters, automatic transmission or flappy-paddle gear change – just an old-school H-pattern six speed box heavily reliant on the driver’s left foot.

Only 100 will be made and you won’t get much change from €2.6 million.


10 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. :-Joe

    The F1 was a ground breaker..

    As good as this might be, it’s just a last ditch wallet shaker…

    Shame it’s not fully electric…


  2. Matt Pilates

    Had one of those. Rubbish. Won it on the Late Late Show phone-in competition. Toughest game in the world that; ringing that Ryan Tubridy, Gerry Ryan, and Joe Duffy all in the one day. I was driving that Síle Seoige home from the Show in it when the clutch pedal got stuck under the Avoca hand-knitted floormat. Fierce sound of gears grinding, the warning lights on the dashboard exploded; fogged up windscreen with the smoke, and buckled the bejaysus out of the transmission shift arrangement. Immediately got on the blower to that Tubridy and said I wanted the cash prize instead, but he said the car was already bought with the money from that Gay Byrne’s will and it was too late. Called that Joe Duffy the next day to complain. Sold it for scrap to this lad from Tuam. Kept the receipt. Never looked back.

  3. Matt Pilates

    Why am I in Naughty List Lockdown then?

    Did Clelia Murphy off Fair City log a complaint about the time I gave Jean Byrne a lift home to Kimmage in the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia 1960 and she had to get the 46A bus outside RTE in Donnybrook instead? Car broke down anyway. Rubbish.


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