From left: Central Criminal Court, Dublin; Barrister Tom O’Malley

This morning.

A working group has recommended to the government that anonymity should be granted to those accused of all sexual offences including child sexual exploitation.

The review of protections for witnesses in sexual offence cases, chaired by barrister Tom O’Malley, says there does not appear to be ‘any logical reason’ why accused people should be entitled to anonymity in a rape trial but not in a sexual assault trial.

At present those accused of sexual offences other than rape or aggravated sexual assault can be named after being charged.


…It says consideration should also be given to giving anonymity to people charged with other sexual offences including child sexual exploitation offences and offences against people with mental illness and intellectual disability.

But the review says the case for restricting the publication of the names of people charged with what are called child pornography offences, is not particularly strong and would raise questions about how many other offences should be treated in a similar way.

Last week, therapy services said they are no longer asking child sex abuse victims to disclose their abusers’ names due to a Tusla policy mandating that alleged abusers must be informed of any complaints.

Report recommends anonymity for those accused of all sexual offences (RTÉ)

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8 thoughts on “No Names

  1. Dr.Fart

    oh good, geting important work done. Everything else can wait, we really need to sort out protecting rapists identity.

    Why is Ireland such a shameless haven for criminals?

    varadkar worried what other countries would think of us if we kept schools closed, yet he doesn’t think how this kinda stuff looks?

    1. Cian

      Did you actually read the post?

      Accused rapists already have their identity protected.

      This is proposing to extend this to accused sexual offenders.

      Have you ever heard: “innocent unless proved guilty”?

  2. Kate

    One finds when a dirty , rotten paedophile is named that it gives courage to further victims to come forward. This is an indisputable fact.
    If convicted I’m all for naming them !

    1. Cian

      If someone is convicted they should definitely be named (unless doing so would identify the victim who wants anonymity).

  3. diddy

    proper order …you can never wash off the stink of a false sexual assault allegation. innocent until proven guilty


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