World Health Is None Of Your Business

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Morrissey’s official website has embedded a video by British author and former GP Vernon Coleman (no stranger to the ‘sheet) decrying the ‘anti-human’ restrictions in the UK.

What difference does it make?

Only YOU can decide.

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3 thoughts on “World Health Is None Of Your Business

  1. dav

    ah Vernon
    “He’s been censured by the Press Complaints Commission and banned by the advertising watchdog. As the host of telephone helplines, including How To Make A Large Penis Seem Smaller, Dr Vernon Coleman irritates just about everyone. So what has he got to be angry about?”
    “An old man in a chair sits, legs crossed, next to a dark-wood bookcase stocked with hardbacks. He speaks of “the truth” about coronavirus and repeats many of the conspiracy theories we’ve heard elsewhere, but he does so calmly, reading from prepared notes, peering over half-moon spectacles.
    He speaks with the structure, timbre and pace of the experienced wordsmith; indeed, Vernon Coleman is a prolific author and a former newspaper columnist. Importantly for his followers, he is also a doctor.”

  2. Cú Chulainn

    I’d be concerned for the health of anyone who thinks checking on Morrisey’s website is a good idea..!! Because it makes none..


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