False Positive


Life coach Tara Rafter and GAA pundit Joe brolly

Further to a column on the Sunday Independent by by GAA pundit Joe Brolly, where he called life coaching a ‘con job’ and singled out several practitioners, including award-winning coach Tara Rafter.

Mr Brolly claimed life coaches fooled people into “striving for a life of dumb positivity, self-promotion, narcissism and individuality”.

Via The Western People”

Ms Rafter remarked that she recognised the characteristics of a person in pain in Mr Brolly:

I am sending him compassion, healing and love which is why I visited Knock today and purchased a Mass for him.”

Resolving to communicate her thoughts on the column in a letter to the editor of the Sunday Independent, she concluded:

You cannot meet negativity with negativity. If Joe Brolly ever needs a cup of tea and a chat, my door is open,” she concluded.

In fairness.


Joe Brolly Is A Person IN Pain (Western People)

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50 thoughts on “False Positive

  1. Broadbag

    ”purchased a mass” what a weird religion.

    Brolly’s right though, complete makey-up job with zero substance behind it.

  2. Clampers Outside

    He has a point.

    It’s unregulated nonsense a lot of the time. The poor regulation around counselling is bad enough, but the ‘Life Coach’ busineess is often snake oil claptrap.

    One tip if you are looking in that area… Pick someone with actual life experience, someone who is older than 40 but not so old you think they are out of touch.
    Aged between 45 to 60 I think is ideal. Someone who had a career, and real world experience, and changed career to ‘life coaching’ or does it as a nixer.
    But some young wan or fella fresh out of college with a psychology degree, if even that, knows sweet fa about nothing.

    1. OJohnny Keenan

      Im 46 in September Clampers. I think i might have the credentials you speak of.
      As my gig economy is finished for now im open to ideas to make a few bob.

      How much money does the knock lady make. If we find out how much it is to purchase a mass we might get closer to the cost of buying the ole stairway to heaven.
      While soul selling along the highway to hell.

      Have a van and will drive. Might need clamp.

  3. Sean R

    “Purchase a mass”

    Is that why so many Uber rich people think they’re above the law? They just buy lots of masses when they mess up?

    This is all new to me. Is it one of those rich people secrets we’re not supposed to know about?

    Someone’s in trouble for letting the cat out of the bag

    They’ll be fine though, they can just purchase a mass

  4. Vanessanelle

    Ah come on Tara girl

    Tis Joe Brolly being Joe Brolly

    He’d lick himself if he could
    And he’s gasping for spotlight

    This is a lad who’s still struggling to live with the fact that there’s fellas his own age in Meath with more AI medals

    Joe would be better served calling out one of his near neighbours there who says prayers to inspire and motivate players

  5. Kdoc

    Many people complete so-called Life Coaching courses and find there is precious little reward for them at the end of their expensive journey. The real money is earned by those who provide the courses.

  6. Brian

    I know nothing about life coaching but, of course, Brolly has ensured that Ms Rafter (and presumably anybody else he named) will get a big chunk of free advertising. There are probably more pressing issues in Irish society that could have been explored if Brolly wanted to let rip.
    For only €499 you too can become an accredited life coach… https://www.careeracademy.ie/product/life-coaching/

  7. Clampers Outside

    Seriously… If Joe Brollys piece gives you “repeated panic attacks” you’re not really in a position to be dolling out advise, nor ‘coaching’ people on how to get on and cope with the real world.

    If anything, that article only proves Brolly’s point… :/

    (which is some what an annoyance, as Brollys a mouthy gobdaw at the best of times :) lol )

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      ok don’t shoot me but has anyone noticed a huge rise in people who suffer from anxiety in the younger generation, I know mental health issues are more readily talked about and I think that’s great but are there more of them or is it just more accepted socially ?
      Should we be looking at what’s changed, social media, economic insecurities etc, is this anxiety not a warning signal that our ways of life are fundamentally unhealthy and nothing to do with bleedin positivity and prayers

      1. Clampers Outside

        +1 Janet.

        Yes, some anxieties are on the rise. But also, spoilt kids raised by helicopter parenting doesn’t help either. They have no coping skills when life doesn’t go there way. – I am aware this is a broad comment. Not all kids, etc.

        Add on top of that an unregulated industry of individuals selling ‘life coaching’ / counselling who need to earn their living from convincing people everything is difficult and they have the ‘cure all’… Plus there’s a raft other variables…

        It’s complex. But a broad ‘yes’ to your original comment.

      2. class wario

        “maybe our way of life is fundamentally uneven and unhealthy to a growing amount of people worldwide”

        “no, it’s because they’re all special snowflake SJWs who need safe spaces”


  8. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

    Joe is a hero, articulate, generous and extremely clever –
    what’s not to love about him?

      1. Janet, dreams of big guns

        culchies, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.

      2. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

        I think he’s fair with Dublin, he doesn’t seem to have the genuine hate for Dublin that some of the others struggle to conceal.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          the slight change in tone when he says “the dubs” makes me really dislike him

          can’t help it

          why cant he be more like frillzer and just acknowledge, respect and indeed revere Dublin’s greatness ?

          1. Vanessanelle

            Ah he’s just one bitter former player who thinks there should be statues of him at the various County Grounds, and Cups named after himself

            If he could get his ego to move out of the way he wouldn’t be a bad commentator

            And tooty to you Bertie
            Tis your crowd that are called Jacks
            Not Rebels

          2. Brother Barnabas

            ah now, frillz – and you well know, up to late 1990s/early 2000s, everyone in Cork referred to Dublin as ‘the real rebel county’

          3. OJohnny Keenan

            Brother we all know the real rebels. The ones thst sat on the sacred sod. Dare to speak of 98.
            We won the battle that day, but the war continues.

    1. Rob_G

      He’s great :)

      Plus he is noted barrister who defended Eamon McCann and others in a criminal case brought by an arms company, and he gave some kid one of his kidneys.

  9. Your Home Correspondent

    Another umbrella statement from Brolly. Such an edgy personality. “Sunday Independent” says it all.

  10. d

    i knew a guy who had a terrible lifestyle and wasnt happy. he went to a life coach who told him to go to the gym and do a part time IT course. this put him on a path of confidence and success. he now is fit, has a nice wife and makes loads of money. and is very happy. im sceptical and pessimistic about these life coaches. but it worked for him.

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      sounds like someone gave him some common sense advice, did that really need to come from a life coach, maybe it did for him

      1. Lush

        Exactly, but maybe paying for it makes it much better than what your friends have probably been suggesting for years.

    2. Brother Barnabas

      who would have thought getting some exercise and learning something new would make things better ?

  11. Buaman

    At worst confidence tricksters exploiting people’s frailties and cash. At best broken people themselves trying to convince themselves that its worth it by helping other people and good luck to them. My own experience is that staying in a bubble of positively is not real or sustainable and facing reality face on warts and all prepares you better to deal with situations as they arise as you have experience of issue and problem solving.

    1. Janet, dreams of big guns

      +1 the human experience includes suffering, no one is exempt,it’s a fact of life, it makes the good days sweeter

  12. Hector Rameriz

    Paying someone to tell you what to do?

    just head home to the folks for a weekend. They’ll sort you out for nothing.

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