Win Nick’s Voucher


It’s Friday so that means competition time.

This week I’m asking: What’s your favourite music video by an Irish artist?

Here’s mine.

Answer below and you could win a prestigious €25 Golden Discs voucher.

The winner will be chosen by my life coach.

Lines MUST close at 6am [Saturday].

Please include video links if possible.

Nick says: Good luck!

Last week’s no-hit wonder here

67 thoughts on “Win Nick’s Voucher

    1. Nicorigo

      Class! Cracking band, cracking tune and cracking vid. I liked the one for Place your bets too.

  1. Stephen

    Are we talking about music videos made by an Irish artist or a music video made by somebody not Irish with an Irish act in them?

  2. OJohnny Keenan

    ‘When We Were Young’ – Whipping Boy

    I can’t seem to find it online.
    Defeats the purpose of the competition, I know.

    It’s off their second album ‘Heartworm’. Arguably the best Irish album of all time.
    I think it was the first single off the album. Released in 1995.

    The video shows people miserable in an ole folks home.
    Then the coolest rock n roll dude Fergal McKee and his fellow whippersnappers hop up on stage and reignite the fire of youth in the ole folks bellies, with the soaring opening line
    “When we were young nobody died and nobody got older”.

    Leaping to their feet with carefree abandonment, the reved up revellers throw caution to the wind. With zimmerframes and walking sticks in the air, it is an emotional sight that would bring a tear to a glass eye,  but not a murdering money man.

    A simple concept video brillianty shot and edited. If anyone knows where it is, it would be great to reel in the years.

    Catchy little number aswell.

  3. SOQ

    Someone who kept me anchored to the sod- truth speaker- drunk- complete biatch- sexy voice- right wing by the now corporate social media standards- Mary Coughlan.

    Not sure what the gay fiddling drama was about as is just friggen annoying and I’ll not be commenting on the jazz whatever but I’d love to hear some new stuff from you Mary?

  4. fluffybiscuits

    Andrew Mann passed away about a year ago. I had listened to some of his stuff by accident and then saw he entered Eurovision, Little known I think in Ireland this is one of my favourite tracks but the video is very reminescent of funk, shiny disco balls. He died before his time and certainly was one talented man. I play this on a Saturday night before going out (when going out was a thing)

  5. Clampers Outside

    I’m going proper old school for this one… :)
    The McManus brothers band’s best track from 1984’s Power & Passion album (it also featured on their earlier album Plug It In, but this version still sounds good today). It’s…

    Needle In The Groove

    … by Mamma’s Boys

    \m/.. air guitar time :)

  6. Mr. P.

    I cannot decide between these two winners..
    Cranberries kicking the fupping doors in with something that knocks the poo out of the Teen Spirit video:

    Or do we go with the Commitments?
    (I know it’s not technically a “video” but hey)

    But I suspect the actual winner is Sinead,
    Bursting onto the scene with this;;

    In fairness, if we are really talking “Best Video”, we all know the winner is U2, rooftop Where the streets have no name, full director cut.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Zombie is my 5-year-old’s favourite song. I regretted showing her the video fairly quickly after turning it on.

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