A Limerick A Day


Chinese leader Xi Jinping has launched a campaign targeting food waste

Now Xi has proclaimed it a sin
To throw decent food in the bin
Will a speech on the plate
Distract from the fate
Of the Uighurs? That’s high level spin

John Moynes


22 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Jack

    Sustainability is more important to the wider survival of humanity, than human rights in China, unfortunately

    1. Nigel

      On the contrary. I would say sustainability is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, without human rights. Most of the worst effects of unsustainable practices fall on the poorest and most vulnerable.

  2. John Davis

    Therefore are the poorest and most vunerable not the most unsustainable?

    Any way all because of the insane floods has trashed their agriculture yield this year.

      1. Clampers Outside

        Speaking of the most vulnerable…. Are you paying attention to the mass distancing from Mermaids UK that’s going on at the minute. You called people like myself transphobes for saying their practices were ideological, science denying nonsense and dangerous to children. You went further and mockingly said ‘think of the children’ was fear mongering.

        Yet now, the BBC, Childline, NSPCC, corps like Starbucks and even the charity Stonewall UK, plus UK celebs like Jameela Jamil and Josie Long are scrubbing their twitter history of support for Mermaids and / or removing all reference to Mermaids from their websites.

        Are they all transphobes now too?

        You chose stupidly when you chose ideology over science and research based patient care.

        This day was always coming, not soon enough for some kids, unfortunately. And there’ll be more days like it down the line, thankfully.

        A good day for reason, a bad day for ideological science deniers.

        1. Nigel

          Yes. You are all transphobic. The fact that so many peple and institutions can be openly and loudly transphobic, to the extent of publicly targeting a children’s charity as part of a hate campaign, should be of concern to anyone who claims to ‘care’ about the well-being of young people who are trans, rather than crowing about lt like a rooster on a dungheap. You are doing irrevocable damage to vulnerable people. Congratulations.

          1. Clampers Outside

            The charity has been found to be dangering kids lives irreversibly, pushing pseudo-science and putting a patients’ care secondary to ideology…

            – telling parents and kids hormone blockers are “harmless” and “reversible” (a nonsense you’ve spouted);

            – pushing an “affirmation” approach to treating gender dysphoric children claiming this will reduce suicidality, a lie and proven so (another dangerous lie pushed by you) ;
            – spreading their ideological claptrap in schools, now being pulled;
            – not taking proper psychiatric history and ignoring other psychological factors including autism and past abuse;

            The list goes on, and you are still claiming these are the good guys. You’re an idiot of the highest order.

            They are a children’s charity, and one that should be shut down.

            From what I’ve read, the distancing from Mermaids is due to a case (the first of many) of a kid who was PUSHED into transition rather than treated for their underlying mental health condition. That kid is now preparing a case to sue.

            Yet here you are, still shouting “transphobe” and defending the charity that pushed drug and hormone experimentation on kids because of an ideology…

            I wouldn’t have believed this only that you continually defend that position…

            Beggars belief

          2. Nigel

            Yeah as I’ve suspected: anything that suggests that being trans isn”t some sort of horrible deviant aberration is ‘trans ideology’ and a threat to “normal’ children. Well looks like you’ve got a lot of support in your crusade to stamp out trans people, you do like having a good ordinary decent mob at your back when saving minorities from themselves.

          3. Clampers Outside

            You keep making assertions that have nothing to do with any arguments made.

            You’re a deluded ideological silly, a dangerous one with absolutely no regard for proper patient care only your science de ying ideology.

            Cop on to yourself.

          4. Nigel

            Transphobia is anti-science, Clamps. Your ideology that young people who may be trans must be forced to hate themselves before being allowed to be trans is despicable and abusive. No wonder people regret transitioning, given the sheer hostility focused on them just for existing.

          5. Clampers Outside

            You’re at it again, making stuff up that was never said.

            The only reason I can think of that would drive you to so blatantly obviously lie is your complete and total zealotry.

            You’re a joke

          6. Clampers Outside

            Rereading that last comment again… Wow! Just wow!

            “Transphobia is anti-science” 

            Waffle. Explain such sweeping waffle.

            “Your ideology that young people who may be trans must be forced to hate themselves before being allowed to be trans is despicable and abusive.” 

            You claim that’s my view, but it’s not. This is just you making stuff up because you cannot refute the evidence against your position. 


            This last bit is the real ‘wow’ bit… 

            “No wonder people regret transitioning, given the sheer hostility focused on them just for existing.”

            You assume that detransitioners, those who regret transition, are all one big group of same thinking automatons. That as individuals the can’t think nor know themselves and what they have been through. 

            In this, you excuse the abuses perpetrated on them by activist ideologies that scupper best practice and proper care. 

            In doing this, you effectively blame them for their regret or those who choose to detransition, blame them for betraying the trans movement, by saying it caused by bullies. 

            What sweeping generalisation bullpoo you spill… Jesus tonight. 

            That last bit is something I have seen many detransitioners speak of, that they are ridiculed and blamed for betraying the movement… That their “regret” about transition is caused by outside forces and not their own considered opinion. 

            An opinion they form themselves having moved past the “affirmation” method imposed on them when they sought impartial care, but instead had an ideology foisted upon them. 

            That’s what’s really disgusting about the ideology. That’s what’s really disgusting about your defence of such a position.

          7. Nigel

            I love how your nasty twisted worldview has people who are trans as the evil enemies of trans people. It’s foul and evil. I admire how you rail against me arguing with stuff you never said – but is implicit in your transphobia – while reeling off paragraphs about who I blame, when quite clearly and explicitly, I blame you, and other people like you who embody the sheer banal mediocrity of everyday evil. ‘Will no-one think of the poor victimised trans people, who are all crazy disgusting ideological extremists out to get our children!’ You disgust me.

          8. Nigel

            Yeah. Transphobia is a delusion. But you’re to GOOD to be transphoibic. You’re thinking of the children.

          9. Nigel

            I used to like you a lot more before you decided to join in the attacks on trans kids and tarns adults.

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