4 thoughts on “Agus Anois, Singeapór

  1. Slightly Bemused

    I was not familiar with the lady, but I really enjoyed this. Must look up more, not just because of the enjoyment, but I have been trying to improve my Irish again. I really enjoy the Nuacht on RTE 1 before Six One. You can clearly note the better diction of the Irish speakers. No ums, no errs, and wonderful to hear the different blaseanna and canúintí.

    And I say this without intended bias, but I think Siún Nic Gearailt has by far the clearest to my ear, probably because she is from the same part of the world as some of my teachers in school, including in one case being from the same town.

    I find the Galway blas next easiest but I have to admit I always struggled with Donegal and other northern accents. Guess I need to watch more Ros na Rún, so!


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