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      1. Lilly

        Ah okay, thanks Bodger. The one night I remember on time instead of straggling in as they’re doing the papers :)

  1. Shayna

    40 years without parole? It used to be a hanging offence to kill a Garda, not that long ago -1990. Aaron Brady’s 3 cohorts from the murder scene of Det. Garda Donohoe are still at large. It seems they were a gang that, “The Irish News” described as creepy burglars who criss-crossed the border to evade the authorities. 11 to 1 jury verdict? What was the 1’s thinking, I wonder?

    1. Chuckenstein

      The last case was in 85. Sentenced to hang as per the law but commuted by President Hillary. Prisoner was released in 2015.

  2. f_lawless


    Varadkar has finally been forced to give in to reality: “herd immunity is now the goal”. I remember when herd immunity used to be like a dirty word and ,up until the other day, the mad idea that we could make the virus disappear completely through further restrictions (“zero covid”) had become the conventional wisdom..

    But there’s no admission of having gotten things wrong by Varadkar and time for a major policy rethink. Instead he’s doubling down on the narrative that the government has been in control of the spread all along. A bit of tweaking is all that required to merge herd immunity into the new improved policy..

    The government will dictate when and how herd immunity will be achieved he asserts. Before the goal was “zero covid” but now, its going to be a long drawn out process of continued restrictions so that we “get as close to zero as we can in terms of cases” while on the road to herd immunity. “It is already clear that a number of sectors may not be able to open, or reopen at all,” he says.

    You get the impression that what’s happening is an exercise in political face saving rather than the formation of any coherent public health policy.

    That we may already be close to,or even have reached, the herd immunity threshold is not up for consideration – despite the mounting evidence indicating as much. Seems that even if the ongoing trend in near zero Covid deaths and hospitalisations continues into the coming weeks or months, it still won’t change policy. We’re focusing on “new cases” only now.

    Herd immunity already achieved or occurring soon would destroy the reputation Fine Gael and the NPHET group. That narrative is to be avoided at all costs

    1. AKA Frilly Keane

      ‘member I said earlier this week

      The combo of positions held by the Coveney Boys is both dangerous and convenient

      I’m not a CTer
      But that’s one hell of a sleeper cell
      When you pull it apart
      – Minister for Foreign Affairs
      – National Broadcaster Exec possibly being groomed for DG btw, along with their Vice Chair ⊙﹏⊙
      – And CEO of major food group

      All Bilderbergers
      And the sum of all three gigs + a friendly media ally
      1+1+1 = ?

  3. SOQ

    Simon Coveney’s brother Patrick is the chief executive. Well, I very much doubt if they can blame crowded accommodation for this one- unless everyone there is migrants too?

    The core question remains- how many of those people were sick? None- they tested because of cases in the area, not on the actual plant.

    If this really is down to dead viral remnants being flagged up as positives then it indirectly proves that the actual infection rate was a lot higher than previously assumed.

  4. SOQ

    London and Stockholm had near the same infection rates earlier in the summer despite one being lockdown and other not. The basic rule of cause and effect should lead you to the obvious- that lock downs have no effect but- the British media are spinning it for all its worth.

    The Independent, Daily Mail, and the BBC all start with this headline and then go off on a tangent about how herd immunity does not work.

    The arguments for and against herd immunity do not explain why a city in lockdown could end up with near exactly the same infection rates as one without.

    1. dav

      yes, two identical cities, your logic is irrefutable. Only you can see the truth, and everybody else is so stupid. Blessed are we to be graced by your ramblings

        1. dav

          what is the point? It is clear, to you, what is correct. Namely this coivid is a con job and everybody is lying – (except those who agree with you). There is absolutely NO point in debate because there really is none so blind than those that won’t see.

          1. SOQ

            More personal guff- and not a reason in sight.

            So the fast growing body of people who think that Sweden’s approach was the correct one are now all conspiracy theorists are they?

          2. f_lawless

            When there’s widely differing expert opinion out there, all we can do is to use our own critical judgement based on real world events to decide which experts are making the most sense. Experts could be getting it wrong for various reasons eg. misjudgement/ stuck in groupthink/ have a conflict of interest/ are being paid to promote propaganda/ etc

        2. AKA Frilly Keane

          Without getting into it
          Just note that you are relying on numbers
          Particularly London stats
          That aren’t 100% waterproof

          Just saying
          Unless you are absolutely certain about how the figure(s) are collated, categorised, collected and calculated
          Avoid putting your signature to them

          1. SOQ

            As below V- my main point was to do with the media rather than the study. I am sure there are differences and would be very interested in knowing what they are too so let me put it another way-

            IF London had a 17% infection rate AND an effective lockdown- what would it have been without it?

    2. Junkface

      London is a city of 9 Million, Sweden is a country of 10 Million. Not a great comparison.

      You don’t believe that lockdowns worked now. Its ridiculous! First masks, now this??

      How come no countries tried a mass orgy event, instead of a lockdown? There is no data to say that it would not have worked. Maybe we could have achieved herd immunity that way?

      1. :-Joe

        Herd immunity is a terrible idea for anyone over 40 or people with pre-existing health conditions.

        It’s a new virus, not yet fully understood or how to vaccinate people within a specific timeline and it is also mutating into other varients too.

        Herd immunity can only mean a guranteed death sentence for a lot of vunerable people, no, anyone?..
        – I’m not a health professional / scientist / expert on the subject but is that not considered common sense at this stage?..


        1. SOQ

          That depends on what herd immunity actually means Joe- because they can’t even agree on that. Some say 80% while others are as low as 20.

          Another area of contention is what constitutes ‘immunity’. People previously infected are the most obvious but those who contracted SARS-Cov-1 may have a certain amount and if that is the case, what about other Crononas?

          And I expect a big one is how much of the virus you were actually exposed to because small amounts appear to trigger a immune response without even any symptoms.

          There are so many factors with this thing, it may take years to untangle it all but the plain fact is, in Ireland at least, the number of YTD fatalities are DOWN- not up.

      2. SOQ

        How long do you think New Zealand can afford to continue with their policy?

        Anyways, my main point was that the British MSM begrudgingly reported on this study and then promptly sidestepped the topic altogether with a ‘look over there’ tactic. If there are marked differences between the two cities then why did they not outline them?

        On the general subject I am not a doctor but Marcus de Brun is- just listen to what he saying here for ten minutes eh?


        1. :-Joe

          Ye, thanks for the link, a healthy dose of common sense … I knew the f-f/g clowns of corruption were making a total balls of it all as usual and that analysis sums it up quite succinctly.

          The Irish/british hard approach vs Swedish soft approach to lockdown which I knew already myself and now agree with you and Dr De Brun that it makes no difference to a virus in an imperfect and completely flawed open system..

          The same with masks.. although they may offer some help for the vunerable..

          So sure that’s fine, but even if 90%+ of deaths are over 65yo, what about exposing the vunerable to an intentional implementation of herd immunity?… Just write them off as collateral damage?..

          Also, I’m open minded enough to see that you’re just trying to figure it out but if you don’t qualify where your links / sources are coming from a lot of people, the grumpy, closed minded or morally conservative leaning types in particular, will just dismiss or ignore you from the start. Probably can’t be helped anyway…

          BTW, did you read my reply on that link to the ant-vax lobby I posted the other day?


  5. :-Joe

    Mornin’ folks…

    The coronavirus original covid19 D614 strain has mutated into another G614 strain…. and will continue to mutate….
    (Vox) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Djy3WNLz_mM

    Apparently..’murican citizens are dying at a rate seventeen(x17) times higher than europe…

    Also, In a recent study, 78% of 100 previously normal average healthy people aged 45 – 53yo who recovered from covid19 were left with structural damage to their heart.
    60% had inflammation / myocarditis and 76% had biomarkers typically equivalent to having had a heart attack compared to similar non-infected patients.
    (The Jimmy Dore Show) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eQk4c_Ol7g

    If you’re over 40 then jump into an iron lung and wrap yourselves in clingfilm and cotton wool….etc.

    Or.. At least continue to isolate, distance, mask, clean and boost your immune system with viatamin A (C and Zinc too AFAIK?) as much as possible.

    The test results from covering yourself in deep heat has proved inconclusive..

    1. Junkface

      Americans are dying at a higher rate because they are fatter than the rest of the world, obesity is tied to a much higher chance of death. USA has an obesity rate of 30 to 40%. That is very high! Also their healthcare system is a mess.

      The mutations are a worry if true. I would not go believing everything from Vox though. Its a rag at times. Further research required. Let’s hope the mutations do not get much worse.

      1. :-Joe

        Ye, I agree on Vox being a rag(a personal favourite term of mine too). I’m no apologist for the Republicans(a.k.a “The current single greatest existential threat to humanity” – N. Chomsky) but Vox is at the very least biased politically in favour of the corrupt DNC corporate lobby-run Democrats..
        Anyway, that clip had an interview with a health professional giving most of the information this time out so fairly safe unless he’s another stooge too… lol..

        The obesity rate would be a large factor but it’s also an easy excuse for their shoddy corporate run corrupt health system that let them get obese in the first place.

        Overall, ‘murica is being shown up for what a colossal and disasterous mess it has become for it’s average citizens.. In fact, it’s an intentional neglect of decency, care and duty beyond tragedy and it’s not any kind of system to aspire to.
        -You listening, reading this F-f/g?.. Cian?..

        You know something is up when the best easy to digest trustworthy mainstream-like political commentry and analysis of unbiased facts in ‘murica is being broadcast by @Jimmy_Dore. A self-described “Jagg-off” political comedian working for free in his garage.


        1. Junkface

          I agree with that. USA has been exposed as a sham, corrupt system. It has failed massively during the covid 19 thing. It could still get even worse!

          1. Janet, dreams of big guns

            Only half of Americans report having meaningful, face-to-face social interactions on a daily basis. The nation consumes two-thirds of the world’s production of antidepressant drugs. The collapse of the working-class family has been responsible in part for an opioid crisis that has displaced car accidents as the leading cause of death for Americans under 50.

          2. Junkface

            I read that a couple of days ago. Fantastic article! So much detail in there. There’s a lot of great content coming from Rolling Stone lately, including podcasts and writers like Matt Taibbi

          3. :-Joe

            _100% – Thanks for the link…

            Ye Matt Taibbi is a credible journalist and the Useful Idiots podcast by rolling stone is surprisingly good most of the time for an outlet of mostly music and entertainment journalism with such a complicated past.

            Chris Hedges is another great, arguably the future successor to Chomsky for intelligent trustworthy analysis and of course @Jimmy_Dore, who should be watched for anything political or ‘murican in general. All of which metioned above talk to each other regularly as guests on ech other’s shows.

            Also, I can’t recommend Whitney Webb and The Last American Vagabond enough either. The best independent jounalist of the past few years. The extensive detailed analysis of the history of Maxwell / Epstein going back a hundred years to the crime families of the early 20th century is a great read and essential knowledge.

            Also, she covers many other social and political issues like the investigation into the surveillance-capitlism plan for the west to transform the economy to be more competitive with China. Just read and watch everything she’s involved in and you won’t miss out on the craic. Unsurprisingly, It’s so crazy what’s going on I can only laugh it off..

            Democracy Now, Going Underground w/ Afshan Ratansi on RT, Al Jazeera are also reliable, trustworthy and educational sources of information too.

            Also Mark Blyth’s work and Max and Stacy on the Keiser report for all things as honest and trustworthy as possible about economics in this totally insane shared reality.

            Lots of fine wines, beers and conusing herbal remedy’s for the rest…


          4. Johnny Green

            12 years of Kamala,has people pretty excited:)

            Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.

    1. Rob_G

      Finally, a comment not arguing about COVID..

      He has a real cheeky grin, your man. A lot younger than I would have expected too, having heard him on the radio.

  6. Johnny Green

    “Court filings show the bank has evicted dozens of renters in New Jersey and New York who were living in the homes that Goldman took title to after a foreclosure. The bank resolved some of the disputes by offering the renters “cash for keys” — money to move elsewhere.”


    The Minister for Justice,can today with one line,do some justice and protect irish tenants from lawless yank carpet baggers,who appear have the Guards in their pockets,or on the payroll as cheap muscle.

    No tenant in Ireland should face eviction against the likes of Goldman Sachs and the Garda without legal representation.WTF were the Garda thinking taking the side of Goldman,who’s payroll they on ?

    Irish landlord and tenant law needs reflect,that the two biggest eviction and forcecolsure machines,Goldman Sachs and Lone Star,are actively destablizing society and pitting irish people against each other by operating without any restraints in the Irish housing market.

    Irish tenants and society need to be protected by the well documented and prosecuted dirty tactics,fraud and malevolent effects these carpetbagging vulture funds have on society.

    “In the niche market for buying distressed loans or foreclosed homes, Goldman is second in foreclosures over the past four years to the combined affiliates of Lone Star Funds”

      1. Johnny Green

        …eagerly aided and abetted by the RUC sorry Garda Síochána,their entire culture is one of deference to yank carpetbaggers like Goldman.What a disgusting and disturbing sight,Irelands very own Garda assisting yank banks illegally evicting tenants,never thought i’d see that…was it for this!

          1. :-Joe

            Is darth noonan back in to the f-f/g empire from economics’ ninth circle of hell?..

            Urgh.. Just the mere mention of the possibility of him..
            – It’s like finding out, half way through eating that you’re actually holding onto a sh-yt3 sandwich and then you’re told it’s also randomly laced with a drop of cyanide.

            2020 is becoming a byword for chaos and nightmare.. What else can you say?..

            “Forget it, goldenbrown, johnny. It’s 2020”


    1. :-Joe

      Johnny, you don’t honestly believe biden / harris is going to… has a chance to win, do you?..

      The other eejit’s drumpf / robot-god-boy are predicted to get 362 electoral college votes.


      1. Johnny Green

        who’s Biden ?
        Yes Kamala wins in a landslide,then leads America to …
        ..or how about lets just make America somewhat ‘normal’ again,like say oh on a nice sunny fall aftertnoon,grab a subway,smoke a spliff outside yankee stadium,then catch a few late innings at the ball park…go eat some amazing BBQ in the Bronx….that type normal !
        …or go see a movie !

        1. :-Joe

          Ah no, harris is a DNC insider, a clinton drone… rodham by proxy… even if biden drops the toaster in the bath it’ll be more of the same bs.

          It’s a nice fantasy you’re holding onto though, baseball and a bite is a great calmer especially with a belt of the magic spiceyness…


          1. Johnny Green

            Kamala evokes comparisons to one the great post war European leaders,Merkel.

            She grew up on Berkley campus,when it was hip and cool,is steeped in logic,science and evidence based decisions.

            She had a long and somewhat opportunistic conversion to the weed bus,this has provoked considerable online criticism and failed purity tests…


            Most people just want return to normal,its Kamala by a landslide,ignore the noise:)

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