How much?

If Atletico Madrid beat RB Leipzig in Germany tonight at 8pm in the Champions League football quarter-final, this Coolock man wins a quarter of a million lids.





19 thoughts on “The Slip Of Hope

  1. Niall

    Fingers crossed for him.
    I wonder if PP have called him with an offer, give up the bet and we’ll pay you €150k type of thing. Do they do that?

    1. Art Vandelay

      No. But he also wont be waiting on this bet coming in. He’ll have laid off the risk so that he’ll be guaranteed something no matter what happens. Happens all the time when these accumulators have only one leg remaining.

  2. The Old Boy

    I wish the chap well, but lottery-odds accumulators are a massive cash cow for turf accountants, and the definition of someone who places these sorts of bets is a mug punter. On the rare occasions that such bets succeed – or as here, even when they haven’t quite succeeded yet – they generate positive publicity for an industry that deserves none.

    1. Zaccone


      A 1euro or 2euro speculative bet on these mad accumulators is one thing, its no worse than buying a lottery ticket I guess. But anyone whos putting 100euro bets down on something like this is a problem gambler.

      Its a 2500/1 bet like… and thats with the bookies notoriously unfavourable odds on accumulators. The real life odds are probably more like 5000/1.

  3. Otis Blue

    It wasn’t looking too good last night until PSG rattled in two late goals at the death.

    Bet he hit the roof.

  4. Pat

    A win is much worse than a loss for a gambling addict. Keeps them in the game – imo clapping along to this kind of thing is like applauding a drunk for making it across the road without getting hit by a bus

  5. Andrew

    Great publicity for a truly parasitic industry. €100 on an a 10 game accumulator? As others have said this person most likely has a real gambling problem and those around them will suffer the most.

    1. Hank

      As someone already pointed out, he will probably have laid off enough beforehand to guarantee a big win. If he didn’t, then he really is a problem gambler!

  6. goldenbrown


    Tyler Adams’ late, deflected shot sent Leipzig into the semis for the first time, as Atlético’s long wait for the European Cup goes on

    what a way to lose….or did he cash out?

  7. Smith

    What’s with all the ‘problem gambler’ remarks? Very judgemental, moralistic & probably wrong.

    I stik a few quid on the horses and the lads with problems are usually sticking big bucks on single bet favourites, not massive acca bets which are akin to playing the lottery.


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