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Nealo & Uly – You Can’t Go Home Again


Dublin hip-hop acolyte Nealo (top) and his friend Uly’s collaboration displays a great contrast in vocal styles over a slinky, soulful tune which can be found on Nealo’s forthcoming debut album.

Nealo explains:

“You Can’t Go Home Again is about leaving. It’s a song about missing both a person that you love, and a city that you love. No one stands untouched by emigration. We have all left cities and friends behind, or have had friends leave in search of a better life, an adventure, or a future for themselves.

“This one is an ode to the people and cities that I had to leave behind, and that each time I left, I never felt like I was the same person after. Everything changes with the miles and years.”

The video is directed by Bobby Zithelo.

Nick says: Home truths.


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