Behold: the Hyperion XP-1 Hydrogen Prototype Coupe from a South California company that employs ex-NASA engineers and applies technology used in space exploration, including fuel cells storing energy released from the chemical breakdown of hydrogen. The cells are much lighter than batteries and can be recharged (for a 1,600km range) in about five minutes.

Two electric motors at the rear of the monocoque chassis drive all four wheels, accelerating the XP-1 to 100km/h and on to a top speed of 355km/h.


8 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. AKA Frilly Keane


    Have at it Mattie

    Hopefully you took the Ballymount Road exit off the Walkinstown Roundabout – hit the camber, banjaxed the axel and scored the side off an Asian Market lurry
    Left it in the Johnstone Paint shop’s wheelchair spot where it got clamped
    So you hopped on the 77a that left you in Citywest
    Where you fell asleep in one of the COVID-19 beds
    Woke up to find yerself in the middle of the Leinster Irish Dancing Championships
    Borrowed a golf buggy that only got you as far as the Poitín Stil in Rathcoole
    Where you met a Hen Party from the Wirral who promised you a ride to the Kylemore Luas stop – but instead give you a dose of the lapsie- pah
    And you’ve been scratching yerself since


  2. scottser

    I will never take this feature seriously again ye know. In fact ever time I see a posh car on the road I automatically think ‘load of rubbish..’

    1. AKA Frilly Keane

      Ah c’mon lads

      How was it ever supposed to be taken seriously

      Unless you’re a Tech / Telecoms Billionaire/ Irish Beef Baron/ Russian Oil and Arms merchant/ lucky member of a boy band
      Or offspring of sort

      Something you’re not telling us Scottie?

      1. Tony

        Ah jaysus – ye couldn’t just let Matt have his thing could ye? Ye had to grab it for yourself and wreck it for everyone you big greedy gulpen! ;)


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