This morning.

Berkeley Road,, Phibsborough, Dublin 7.

From above: Residents Vijya (left, face mask, no second name given) and Niyi Jegede (face mask, cap) with Simon Haslam (high viz vest), of the Housing Action Group, outside the site of what the Irish Property Owners’ Association has referred to as “an illegal eviction” by private security staff overseen by Garda officers on Wednesday morning.

Yesterday: Welcome Back




Via Irish Council For Civil Liberties

9 thoughts on “Notice To Stay

    1. Johnny Green

      Goldman and the Garda selected and picked these people,to pit Irish people and society against them,they are evil and need to be stopped,Goldman and the Garda colluded here to ‘normalize’ evictions,by targeting foreign nations hoping there would be little outcry,its a deliberate policy.

      WELCOME TO IRELAND-sold by FG to yank carpet bagggers,now owned by Goldman and policed by their very own private muscle-the Garda.

      1. AKA Frilly Keane

        + V

        The sheer cynicism of targeting these tenants is beyond sickening
        And make no mistake
        GS Ireland are very capable of sitting around a table and having that very discussion
        And I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a Garda liason officer in attendance either

  1. dav

    Good police work – not even looking for a copy of the court order and allowing the security firm to damage the premises.

  2. Joe

    The Gardai based upon their reported behaviour yesterday need to be schooled in what is appropriate lawful action. Their function is to serve the people and the law not to be voluntarily used as enforcers for the goon squad evictioneers beloved by FFG and their Green party lickspittles

  3. Mr .T

    It’s a sh*t situation, but ultimately the person to blame here is a snake of a landlord who continued to collect rent from the property after the bank took charge, and then it was resold again – several years of rent for a property he didn’t even own! Neck like a giraffe

    1. AKA Frilly Keane

      In those cases
      Well what you’ve described
      Collecting rent but not paying mortgage creditors
      The Judges / County Registrars take a very dim view on
      And particularly in Dublin

      She doesn’t need to be asked more that twice

  4. Mountain Talk

    Portrait of Ireland 2020 Award > Developers, GoldmanSachs, Beltany Finance. A private security firm. And nine people out on the street. The other day I drove past newish Scholarstown. On the billboard says BainCredit, by Bain Capital. So googled Mitt Romney. Found this nice little refresher of what exactly vulture companies do >

  5. Joe Small

    I’d take the rantings of the current or possibly former landowner up to his eyes in legal difficulties with a pinch of salt but when the ICCL get involved there are some questions that need answering.

    I’ll refrain from saying the Bilderberg group ordered the evictions themselves until some actual facts come out.


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