26 thoughts on “Slip Into Something More Comfortable

  1. george

    This is very similar to the way many of their customers photograph themselves for instagram to be fair.

    1. jockey

      I wonder what problem in society pushed girls and guys to grow up behaving like that though (hint: it’s sexism).

      It’s a bit like with racism, when some people say “Well in fairness there are more (insert ethnic minority) in jail because they carry out the vast majority of crimes”. If we’re all born equal, then there must an inequality somewhere that’s leading them to grow up like that. People aren’t are free as people think, they are a product of the environment they grow up in. Your point only proves that sexism shows its existence on Instagram too.

      Am I being too deep for a Friday? Maybe so..

    1. Paulus

      To be fair, that pic isn’t a million miles from the slidey thing footballers do when they score…( a goal!).
      I presume that all started when some guy tripped and was later taken up as a thing…bit like the sandal scene in Life of Brian.

  2. Zaccone

    How many men do you think are looking at women’s tracksuits? Very few. Those photographs aren’t aimed at sexist men.

    You can bet the photographs used are used because they’re the ones most likely to get women to buy the tracksuits for themselves. These things get very well market researched.

    Don’t blame sexism or the patriarchy, blame women’s own taste in tracksuit photos.

    1. jockey

      Why do you think girls have that taste? If a girl grew up in a world where her only role models kicked around footballs and hammered up dry wall, do you think they would be as interested in pictures like this? Do you think it’s an accident that girls grow up liking/emulating the same type of pictures/models which are fed to them from a young age? When understanding sexism (and racism, as per my comment above), it’s important to ask what caused things to be the way they are.

      1. Chuckenstein

        But current role models (say, music) who profess to be empowering young girls perpetuate the idea that flaunting your bits and bobs is the way to go.

        1. AKA Frilly Keane

          Well we know what you’re watching out for if tis only flaunting bits and bobs you noticed enough to comment

          Let’s have a chat about lads grabbing and holding their own bits while bopping on stage
          Or how they use women in their videos

          Go and watch Beyonce’s “If I were a boy”

          Then comment

    2. Sam

      Actually, for some reason, their facebook ads seem to be targeted at men as well, even when it’s just the women’s clothes. Nice looking ladies, but I’m not going to buy the clothes they’re wearing. I definitely don’t have the figure for it ;)

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