Behold: the BMW ‘Good Ghost’ – the final build in a trilogy of art deco style tributes by customiser Dirk Oehlerking.

Based on a 1980 BMW R100 RS, this one-off art-hog repurposes components amassed by Oehlerking over the years to create a ’streamliner’ profile complete with one piece suede and leather saddle and tank cover, stacked quad analog instrument display, toolkit/messkit tucked into the rear wheel covers and a BMW 2002-style kidney grill.

You can’t have it.

It’s just for looking at.


21 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. scottser

    i saw george hook parked up by merrion square on one of them a while back. he was trying to open one of the rear panels with keys in one hand, phone in the other and sandwich sticking out of his fat gob. phone rings and in a muffled panic he scraped the side panel with his keys. if it’s the same one, i wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole what with that nasty scrape plus the tuna and sweetcorn that you’d never get off.

      1. Clampers Outside

        Good, very good. Gaff sold already, and a few bob above askin’ which we’d hoped and priced for. The plan, if you could cal it that is on track :)
        Waiting on word on an offer made ourselves…. Been told we won’t know that until early next week.
        Fingers crossed, herself is stressed but we’re keepin’ it together :)

        1. Janet, dreams of big guns

          fair play, not surprised your home went quickly, it was charming ( an ex real estates agent’s dream ) :)

          1. Clampers Outside

            Aye, the guy who sold it for us actually said, “I don’t like doing terraced homes”, but immediately changed his tune when he saw the place. He’s been great to deal with :)

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