This morning.

Terry Fagen writes:

I think this is an inhumane way to kill pigeons, they’re trapped in a wire mesh where they wait to die of lack of water and food.

This location is under the railway bridge on going down to Sheriff Street [Dublin 1].

There are pigeons trapped, just sitting there waiting to die.


12 thoughts on “Trapped

  1. paul

    trapped live birds or birds that have died of other causes and have fallen into the mesh? I’ve seen plenty of the latter, pigeons are ruthless birds that will peck off their own toes to escape traps. I’m not fond of them but I’ve always admired their survivor instinct.

  2. John Davis

    The mesh was put up to keep them out not teap them.

    The mesh was obviously damaged and they have got in and cant find the way back out.

    It’s normally a nylon mesh, not metal.

  3. Jusiph

    I surveyed a big delapidated Georgian house near Bus Aras once and when I went in it became apparent that a contractor had recently been in and boarded up all the gaping holes in the roof which had trapped a load of poor pigeons inside who had also starved to death. Depressing.

  4. Liam Deliverance

    Email Dub City Council and ISPCA on the same email, explain the issue and ask for it to be addressed as soon as possible, if there is a hole in the mesh then provide a photo of it if you can, this is cruel but not intentional I hope

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