9 thoughts on “Early Bath

  1. NobleLocks

    Spent my childhood summer years jumping off the diving boards and platforms… finally had the guts to jump from the top on the last day it was open in 1986. I’m not sure it was open to the public after that but I know my old Water polo club used it in 1987. It finally closed when the stand structure started to collapse. I remember well graffiti on the walls from 1922 and thinking to myself, blimey this place is old.

    Great times, thank you for the memories.

  2. Jake38

    Where did it all go wrong? The usual suspects. Start with the county council, move onto health and safety and finish it off with the compo culture.

  3. halfahead

    Learnt to swim there many half moons ago. I recall a chap called Charles J Haughey called in one evening, my father said “he’ll never get across the pool unless he takes off that cashmere coat”

  4. Zaccone

    They should turn the car park on the left in the photo back into a grassy area / mini park. It’d be a nice place to relax.

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